The Latin American and Caribbean Day of Peoples’ Integration inaugurated its activities with an exciting cultural event in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. This event brings together various organizations, movements, and political parties with the aim of addressing current and future challenges at the continental level.

The first day brought together some 4,000 activists from twenty-six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In a packed hall, after the opening session, the first conference began, with speakers addressing the crisis of capitalism and the threats to peace and the sovereignty of the people.

In all the presentations and dialogues, it was considered that problems of a structural and global nature must be met with a structural and articulated response. Tuning into the hearts was an inspiring slogan that emerged from this first part, along with the imperative need to go to the people and organize.

In a historical context marked by crises that converge in the great crisis of the capitalist system, the intersection of international factors is increasingly reflected in people’s daily lives.

It is therefore essential to create spaces for dialogue and reflection on the events that are shaping the regional and global panorama. The conference is also conceived as a process of convergence in the diversity of social movements to face together the difficulties posed by the capitalist system and its correlate, corporate imperialism. A “seed for the future”, according to the organizers.

In the afternoon, round tables were held on four themes: threats to democracy, the offensive of appropriation of the commons, precariousness and the attack on social rights, and finally cultural hegemony and the crisis of values.

This was followed by a panel in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and the first day ended with a cultural event in support of Cuba and Venezuela.

Some pictures of the day

Special Pressenza coverage from Foz do Iguaçu, in collaboration with popular media.