Gerardo Femina

Former president of the Community for Human Development in Italy, engaged in social, political and cultural activity. For 20 years he has lived in Prague, where he was among the promoters of the campaign "Europe for Peace" and the protest against the so-called Missile Shield, that the United States wanted to install in the Czech Republic. He writes about politics and social matters. In recent years he has dedicated himself to the construction of the Park of Study and Reflection in the Czech Republic.

Militarization of children in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic soldiers have reportedly started touring elementary schools nationwide in an effort to introduce students to military life. Children from the age of 10 are being familiarized with and encouraged to play with machine guns. These terrifying…

Prague’s Peace Tram

Even if in the Czech Republic people aren’t breathing the same crazy fascist air that is present in Hungary, the refugee crisis is heavy and suffocating. Small parties are taking advantage of the situation to make racist declarations in order…

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