Ernesto H. De Casas

Ernesto H. De Casas

Ernesto (Tito) H de Casas, born in Mendoza, Argentina on the 29th of March 1947 to dentist parents, the eldest of two brothers. Studied oenology and fine arts in his home town. He became a Siloist in his youth right at the beginning of this current that emerged in the same province. He is active in several fields and has travelled extensively through America, Europe and Asia. He is married and the father of three children. He is a translator of technical English, writer, and amateur artists. He contributes to this new spiritual and humanist era that is starting in these times.


Celebration on The Mountain

Celebration on The Mountain

This event detailed below from the pen of long time activist and friend of Silo is of particular relevance to Pressenza as an international press agency because this agency was founded by members of the Humanist Movement whose origins are stated in the writing here. The text by Ernesto de… »


Finally the Higgs Particle!

This is what the scientists say and it is CERN that announced the finding of the most sought-after elementary particle of recent decades, the Higgs boson, opening the doors to the subatomic world. Although other experts are more cautious: what has been registered indicates what could be the signature of the Higgs particle, such is science, very careful. »


Now to the stock market

15-M now proposes an international demonstration, explaining that “El Grupo de Trabajo de Economía de Sol se suma a la iniciativa “OCCUPY WALL STREET” (The Sol Economy Work Group joins the OCCUPY WALL STREET” initiative), that various associations and movements in the United Stated promote and plan to camp on the 17 September in front of the New York Stock market. »


The marches arrives at Sol

The indignant marchers finished the last kilometres of the walk towards the Puerta del Sol that some had begun thirty-four days ago. At Sol there were already hundreds of people even before any of the six main routes into the centre of Madrid had arrived. From the main streets the walkers converged at Kilometre 0 to demand political, economic and social reforms. »


Local neighborhood meetings and the end of Sol

Last Sunday, **los Indignados** who remained in the most representative camp of the 15M movement, simply because of being there first, agreed to dismantle the Sol camp after debating the proposal to postpone it until the 15th and turn it into an itinerant camp. A reconstruction party is planned with an orderly work plan which includes removing the camps and cleaning up »


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