The objective is to demand various things, such as: an economy for the people, the regulation of the financial markets, the limitation of their influence in politics, the creation of a Public Bank and an equal and fair distribution of wealth. Nothing less. Right there, in the centre of the capitalist economy, where previously people had been sent to prison by force as ‘communists’…

Similarly, here, in Spain, that now is no ‘different’, people are called to gather in front of the Madrid Stock market on the 17 September, the day when there will be a debate on the lists destroying the economy, seriously damaging everyone, which are the same that today cut our future, demanding major social cuts. This not only seriously slows the economic recovery, but also condemns most people to have worse schools, worse hospitals, smaller pensions, worse infrastructures, and a very conditioned future for the next generations.

It is also clear that there is a double motive to carry out this important event on Saturday, because they want to stand with their American counterparts, who start their camp this day, and because it is very important to have a high attendance, as many people as possible, given the immense importance of the topic as there will be a forum with talks and debates, not only to denounce what worries us, but to envisage possible alternatives to this situation. That’s if there are any.

This reminds me of some years ago when the Madrid humanists wanted to do the same, demonstrate against the distinguished and sacrosanct Madrid stock market, to the point that we went to visit it, we entered and absorbed the silent atmosphere, almost like in a cathedral (the financial one of course) but we couldn’t try anything, and faced with a severe police reprimand, we postponed it. Now seems the right moment. We will be there.

*Translated from Spanish by Kirsty Cumming*