Dario Ergas

Author and researcher from Punta de Vacas Park of Study and Reflection. Participates in communities of Silo's Message. www.darioergas.org

The generation of rupture

By Dario Ergas We have been astonished by the manifestation of a new generation that warned of its existence these last few months in Chile. They expressed, subverting the economic and public order, that they do not like the social…

Lessons from North Korea: Global and Total Nuclear Disarmament.

It is difficult to imagine that a terrorist act could happen when I or someone dear to me is moving along a busy street, or visiting a religious or tourist site. It is difficult to imagine the intentional killing of…

The importance of Obama’s visit to Hiroshima

The President of the United States Barack Obama, was today, May 27, 2016, the protagonist of one of those special moments in history. It is very difficult to appreciate its magnitude and significance. He went to the scene, where one…

“La paz sea en los descendientes de Ismael y los descendientes de Isaac”, Dario Ergas

Publicamos acá el texto de la charla que diera el 30 de octubre recién pasado, el escritor humanista Dario Ergas ante los miembros de la comunidad judía Ruaj Ami, en Santiago de Chile: “Dos hijos tuvo Abraham, Ismael e Isaac.…

Contemporary spirituality seminar at the University of Haifa

During a visit to Israel by friends from Europe and Latin America to disseminat Silo’ Message and Universalist Humanism, we had the opportunity to attend the Fourth International Conference for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality (ICSCS) at the University of Haifa. We were invited by the director of the Education Department Prof. Ofra Mayseless.


I want to thank the World Center of Humanist Studies for inviting me to discuss “Foundations for the future Planetary Civilization” in this Park of Study and Reflection located at Punta de Vacas. I wish to emphasize how extraordinary it is to be discussing these issues seemingly so distant from political and social activities.

Nonviolence in a Violent World

This talk was given by Dario Ergas on July 18th, 2009, to the Laura Rodriguez Foundation. It deepens on nonviolent responses, as a way of life, a search for the sacred, and the manifestation of what is truly human. It is mainly a moral act. Nonviolence is the force that will transform the world because I will transform myself in order to not become those with whom I struggle.