After a historic process where it was not the political class installed decades ago, but the nations that make up Chile who decided to give us a new Constitution; after a democratic and parity election; independent of the result, of whether the draft is correct or can be improved, of whether we like it individually or whether it corresponds at a collective level to take this step; beyond any appreciation, we want to thank all those who worked this year to propose this new Constitution, which opens paths and possibilities for us to meet and discover ourselves in multiplicity and diversity.

We believe that it has been a magnificent work of a group that was able to jump over all the hurdles to come up with something new, inspiring and dynamic. I remember our initial concern that the Constitution would set landscapes and intentions that, because of the speed of change, would become obsolete too soon. Even that seems to have been resolved: this proposal carries the possibility of change in its very origin.

We congratulate the first stage in which the regulation was given. Brilliant. How important these discussions and votes were to find out what the working and decision-making methods would be. It is exemplary to take the lead so as not to have to change the rules of the game halfway through. Anxiety always plays against us and we wanted to get to the heart of the matter quickly, but without this reflection it would not have been possible. Taking on the 2/3 for plenary approval was important and representative. All these small details have given an impressive legitimacy to this text.

The wisdom of a whole is to be able to catalyse the virtues of individuals to benefit the whole and this happened throughout the year. In the first and second stages.

We are grateful that they have resisted the violence with which they have been and continue to be treated. We have seen how many have learned non-confrontational language, and have not allowed themselves to be carried away by offences, in order to communicate and to be able to resolve the obstacles with which they try to confuse us.

In the coming weeks we will express our approval of your work and our text. We will exalt why everyone will support this incredible change we are about to begin and share it with others. We will waive the wave of the future, of hope, of the new encounter and the new deal.

But that will come later. First, receive this thanks to you from these peoples who are just discovering us, and we are discovering something that will surely unite our many nations into one indivisible Chile.

Culture and Spirituality Group

Dario Ergas, Paula Diaz, Rafa Edwards, Simón Ergas and Valentina Riberi