The “Compassion and Healing” methodology, developed by the Multiconvergence Global Networks – MRG, has its roots in the search to integrate in politics the values of the feminine and in traditions from the Global South to build a post-capitalist world. The inspiration for this methodology (Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations) comes from the Latin American political-artistic engagement and from the healing practices of the African Zulu tribes.

We will hold the event, Compassion and Healing for Russia and Ukraine virtually on March 4, 2023, at 02:00 pm GMT and 09:00 am Washington – Link:

It is being organized by the networks that make up MRG, and will be open to the public. In these moments of Encounter we put the best of our aspiration for peace at the service of healing what lies behind human pain and need. We have already held an event that addressed the sufferings caused by machismo, colonialism, economic exploitation, and racism. This methodology awakened in the participants the feeling of experiencing something new, that does good and brings hope.

We know that the escalating war in Ukraine brings deep apprehension and sadness to anyone following this senselessness. The deaths on both sides now total 300,000. The destruction spreads with no end in sight, imposing unspeakable suffering.

The planetary dimension of the conflict frightens and affects the lives of women, men, children, young and old far beyond the two warring nations. The war also involves Europe and the United States, which, under the aegis of NATO, send weapons and military, political, and technical support to Ukraine. Its people also suffer from the restrictions imposed on the Russian economy. These are human, economic and environmental losses caused by this war.

The war itself is an insanity anywhere, regardless of the alleged motivations of the two sides in conflict and those who sponsor its escalation. It is important to see that its Dantesque continuation into the 3rd millennium is nothing more than the presence of the methods and effects of global patriarchy, which in its decadence doubles down and becomes even more cruel, invading, raping, and killing madly. The war, and the Ukraine war especially, is the finished expression of corporate capitalist insanity, which provokes wars to dominate territories, reactivate economies, and maximize profits by selling guns, tanks, planes, and all the paraphernalia so sadly masculine.

The populations of the world look upon this ongoing atrocity with sadness and hopelessness. Unable to bring the leaders of the nations most directly involved to their senses, they express in many ways the only request that can make sense: “Start peace talks immediately, you arrogant, insensitive fools!” While we wait for sanity to be restored, we mobilize the forces available in our hands, which seem puerile and fragile, but which at some point will be victorious: we mentalize, pray, meditate for peace with justice, and meet to test new methods of citizen intervention. Compassion for the weaknesses of those who let themselves be carried away by the warlike impulse, compassion for the suffering of those who have not chosen war, but find themselves on the battlefield, is a path to healing and thus to peace.