We deplore Russia’s military aggression in the country of Ukraine, whilst we are aware of the multiple economic and political interests that paved the way for and that are driving the conflict.

Our priority is to stop the war, save human lives and avert an economic disaster whose price will inevitably be paid by the poorest and most vulnerable.

We want peace. And peace is achieved by means of dialogue and negotiation, not by fuelling a conflict with shipments of ammunition and troops. Human life is what has most value and there is no geopolitical or economic reason, no alleged war for freedom, that can be put before human beings.

Truly saving the Ukrainian population from disaster means laying down arms. For this reason we condemn the recklessness of all those institutions that are fanning the flames of the conflict by sending weapons to Ukraine: European governments, the United Kingdom, the United States government, the European Union…

We beseech the UN to perform its role with conviction in order to uphold peace and global security.

We implore all governments not to aid and abet this war with money, soldiers or guns as this will only serve to make it bloodier and more prolonged, leading to even more death and suffering. We urge that sanctions which might make peoples’ lives worse not be imposed anywhere in the world.

We appeal to the European Union to strengthen peace, an aim written into the Treaty of Rome, and to be a neutral party in this conflict. We exhort it to use diplomatic mediation and talks, heeding the demands and concerns of both sides in order to reach an agreement that might put an end to hostilities.

The threat of nuclear war is looming over all of us. It could even be triggered by accident. For this reason we entreat all governments to immediately sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which came into force on the 22nd of January 2021.

Nuclear weapons must be decommissioned now; before it is too late.

We are angered by all those leaders who, despite having considerable economic and technological resources at their disposal, fail to create a fair and truly human society.

We do not wish to be accessories to such recklessness.

Let us assume responsibility for our future and invoke our loftiest aspirations, which link the hearts of all human beings, in order to change this destructive course of events.

We will use all non-violent forms of protest to reach this goal. War is a disaster, let’s build peace.