More than 80 women from all over the world – activists, physicians, home-makers, journalists, students, artists, translators… of different ages and from different backgrounds-, composed this collective video to celebrate International Women’s Day, 8 March, recreating the spirit of the poem written by Juana Pérez Montero, with the technical work of Álvaro Orús and Alicia Blanco.

After the video, we share the text of the poem and links to the other languages in which it is available.


We are the thread that binds
that mends wounds
making bodies stronger,
with dispossessed souls,
which nurture and develop limbs
that protect and sooth,
that open and extend
without limit or measure,
that touch and entwine
weaving strong mesh
so that none of us would
ever fall victim again.

We are the burgeoning vessel
which lacks no sustenance.
we are the sacred fountain
from which life flows
when we give birth to babies,
when we offer smiles,
when we put our bodies
to save the lives of others,
when in the face of the oppressor
we sing all together:

We will never be silent, never
Never more will one of us stay alone
Not one less,
Not one more,
We are One,
We are All.

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