It was a strange feeling when I woke up this morning. The impression that everything was normal. A gentle normality. But nevertheless, a bit like a nearly flat brain. In fact, a normality that was almost anaesthetized and, in the end, not very pleasant.

Is it because last night I turned on the TV, something I hardly ever do? There was a commercial, or rather a spot: a grandmother finally finds her grandchildren running towards her. She hugs them with a love that, as you watch the images, seems unconditional and infinite. Then she hears a voice saying: “Are you all right? “. “Oh yes,” she replies to the nurse who has just vaccinated her.

I can’t remember the words she says next, but the memory of the images makes me think with hindsight that she may be adding “wonderfully”. That’s the state she seems to be in.

I’m not going to get into the “for” or “against” the vaccine debate here. It is far too controversial, and everyone has already formed their own opinion, or will do so. Free will.

I’m going to stay with the power of images when they associate, in a way that is both totally assumed and, what’s more, heavily subliminal (the subliminal is so obvious here that there’s nothing discreet about it) … so when the images associate with an act in the physical plane (of which we’ll think what we want, but which is in no way idyllic), the most beautiful thing in our lives, namely the love that unites us to our loved ones.

A wonderful future, in appearance…

How easy it is to create and feed collective projections that are presented to us as wonderful! How easy it is for us to dive into them and tell ourselves that they are true. It is so relaxing.

It was a strange awakening this morning. I had the impression that everything was normal, but of a normality that made me feel a bit sick. And then I realised how difficult it is to extract oneself from the manufactured images and the futures they project us into. I realized how much easier it can be to slip into them. How complicated it can be to look for another path. Where to go?

What if the stories that others project, totally different stories, are also just illusions that have no density? Where do I want to go? What reality do I want to crystallise and embody?

Wow, but the future and its creation is a breathtaking thing! And that the choices we make for our future are too! How comfortable it can be to be carried along by the mainstream. How much strength, energy and strong inner convictions it can take to go upstream or to escape from it. What do I believe in? What is truly good for me? What is my will, in my soul and conscience?

Gratitude for our consistency

So, thank you to all those who affirm who they are, as some have testified in their comments to a previous article. Thank you to all those who affirm, in peaceful and loving words and actions, what they believe in. Who affirm in their own way how they see life and the world

I will never have to believe you. I may not go your way. But your consistency, when I perceive it to be the result of a calm and truly sincere alignment between your body, heart and mind, is an invaluable marker. I want beacons and lighthouses like you in this world! You give a glimpse of its peace, beauty and transcendence.

We light up the world

Every time we feel small because we are caught up in the flow of thought and projected images; every time we do not feel like a giant at all, but not at all, because the mainstream is so suffocating for us; but every time we continue to say who we are and what we deeply believe in, in connection with what we feel… Every time we do all this, we light up the world. We go beyond our own limitations and at the same time expand the terrain of collective creation. We are weaving another architecture for the future. It is invisible but incredibly powerful because it is based on what is deepest and most vibrant in us: the search for our inner rightness.

Thank you each and everyone for your consistency. When we are consistent, even when we are seemingly very small, even when we are lost in the crowd, sometimes painfully bumping into the inflexible walls of limited freedom, we are giants. It is not always easy, but it is so important and so bright!

I think this article is about feeling small sometimes, about forgetting our giant size, and above all about the fact that we are still the true creators of the world we live in (and will live in).

Long live our uniqueness, our originality, and our sovereignty, the one that allows us to draw our energy and our pleasure in life from the source of our deepest nature.

And we know, perhaps (certainly) (obviously) that it is all a play of forces, of consciousness and energy to bring us ever closer to it. It is, in the end, our only truth. It is also, I believe, the lever and the fulcrum of the shift, of our expansion, of transmutation.

Let us laugh about it! Joy, creation, pleasure and lightness. I will never stop saying it: giants, truly powerful!

NB for the record: Giants know that they are greater than just their physical bodies, greater than the intellectual and emotional matrix in which their bodies evolve and that some even have the ability to expand their consciousness to the highest dimensions of themselves.

From there, they see things differently, in a more peaceful and sensitive way, in love and not fear, and they can even re-balance themselves and what might be wavering. From there they know they are connected to Life, beyond time and matter. They also know they are connected to their soul, which some may prefer to call something else.

Chronicle of the Ordinary Giants n°1


Translation from French by Magali Sette,  from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!