A few days ago, on March 11, we celebrated the “1 year” of our global and official entry into the pandemic (subsequently qualified as an epidemic, that’s another story). When I say “we”, it is really us, all humans, humanity. One year already, incredible.


A transitional phase

We all experience this period differently. Some people are coping very well with it, their life has not really changed. Others have already lost everything that made their former balance. Up against it and for some, their survival, they are obliged to draw monumental forces within themselves to find new points of support in the incarnated world.

A common point connects us: none of us has any certainty about the future and what it will be. This can be very disturbing, as we are so used to planning, projecting, and organizing. We are thrown back to the present moment.

This can be very disturbing as we had also become accustomed to relying, even if it did not always suit us, on structures external to ourselves, on society, its codes, and its organization. We are, each and everyone, sent back to our own internal intellectual, emotional and spiritual scaffolding.

When we look at the situation with a bit of hindsight, we can see and we know, no need to be a great clerk, that we have collectively entered a phase of transition between an old model of social life and a new one that is emerging.


An energy story

Seen from even further away, from the spaces of creative energies and active consciousness, beyond duality or almost, it seems that everything is going very well (this is what the great sages, the experienced mediums, and even some avant-garde scientists tell us). The energies are being put in place in a different way, that is what the story is all about.

The shocks that we feel, the associated discomfort, but also the joyful inner revelations that sometimes cross us, are only the result of this energetic, vibratory and frequency reconfiguration. Because we are also only energies, vibrations and frequencies. We react, each one at our level, according to our strengths and our vulnerability, to this energetic continuum in movement.

What will be our individual and collective future on Earth? As I have already written elsewhere, I am convinced deep down that it will be bright and conscious, smiling and alive. I notice through my exchanges that, even if everything is not really going well, and this is an understatement, many of us are planning a bright future.

Is it already won? I am convinced that “yes”.


Everything remains to be done

But at the same time, everything remains to be done. Everything is happening right now as if we are hitting the bottom of the pool. I don’t want to sink any further and see us all sink together. So, we have to bounce back. Not just to survive, adapt, seek our balance, but to rise again. After involution comes the time for evolution, it is time.

What I find absolutely incredible (really!) is that what we experience together collectively, and individually in our personal stories, is not a story outside of ourselves that we would read, or a movie that we would all watch together. It is our lives, in this space-time. It is our story, here and now. We are all, together, immersed in the alchemical crucible. We are at the heart of the transformation. We are the transformation, even if it is each in our own way. Personally, this reality amazes me.


Connected to Life

In these very special times of desired uplift, I thought I’d do a “chronicle of ordinary giants”, this being the first one and setting the scene, ours. The word giant needs some clarification.

Let’s say that giants know that they are bigger than their physical bodies, bigger than the intellectual and emotional matrix in which their bodies evolve and that some even have the possibility to expand their consciousness to the highest dimensions of themselves.

From there, they see things differently, in a more peaceful and sensitive way, in love and not fear, and they can even rebalance themselves and what might be wavering. From there, they know they are connected to Life, beyond time and matter. They also know they are connected to their soul, which some may prefer to call something else.


Mother Earth as ally and support

As giants on Earth, in this particular period, and by reading the messages I receive, it seems to me that one of our first points of support to bounce back to, is Nature.

Allow me, my dear friends who will recognize themselves, to quote you, because I could not write it better… ” To tread the dry earth and the straw-colored wild grasses … To roam the woods through the downed branches, and the moss. To hear in the distance the surging water of the torrent… And finally, to lie on the earth, eyes riveted to the sky. To be flooded by a pale sun. Connection …”.

Or to experience that when I bend down “to admire the delicacy of a tiny wild daffodil, I feel amazed by so much beauty! In fact, she is the giant and I can only bow to her strength!”

Personally, I live in the city, in Paris. In front of my house, there is a tree, big, majestic. I often talk to it. I love it. I thank it for being there and for opening the door to the countryside and the forests of the whole world.

We are not alone. We are together and Mother Earth is with us. When we reconnect with Nature, let us think of all those who are doing the same thing at the same time. Let’s link our connected realities together. I will do this more and more. When I connect in consciousness to Nature, I will connect to all those who, from the Earth, throughout the world, are also connecting.

In doing so, we are creating the new invisible architectures that will be the world of tomorrow, the ones that will replace the other, artificial, crumbling ones.

One year, already. We have become energetically and vibratory very powerful! I tell you, giants.


Translation from French by Magali Sette,  from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!