BBC director Tim Davie, with his intrusive view of impartiality, forbids his journalists from commenting on social media.

An iron hand struck the old lady (98), the BBC. Founded in 1922, it will undergo profound changes under the direction of its new director, Tim Davie, appointed at the beginning of September.

In his first statements, he made clear his vision of the impartiality that he will impose on the house: “If you want to be an opinion columnist or campaign on social networks, it is a valid option, but you do not, should not work at the BBC”.

In the meantime, Tim Davie’s vision has already been translated into reality. The company has published a list of standards and rules to guide its employees towards fairness. She also has courses in place to ensure that her employees are committed to achieving the highest standards of fairness, throughout the organization. Is it Orwellian or does it look like it? It is best to judge this by following the link towards the particular site of the BBC about these facts.

The effects were not long in being felt. Its best-known journalists have been silent on Twitter for some time and absent from social media. #Self-censorship and # Witchhunts will be the applicable keywords.

These new trade winds, seemingly purist on the BBC, emanate from the conservative air currents sweeping through England. Some do not forgive the positioning around Brexit. When Prime Minister David Cameron called the referendum, to the great glory of Nigel Farage and the entire court of Brexiters, the BBC played its part as best it could, but was judged biased by the Conservatives. This was precisely a subject the BBC knew they could fall short of, with the lies and intoxications that manipulated public opinion. What happened is in the archives. Let us remember Cambridge Analytica and how it helped to tip the Brexit referendum in its favor. Now with the BBC in 2.0 hyperbolic impartiality, there will be no more dissent issues with the politics of manipulation. Or rather, impartiality will have become an Omerta, giving an elegant British touch to the law of silence. In addition, if we consider that this new impartiality is announced accompanied by austerity and budget cuts, we must add two additional hashtags: # Fearofdismissal and # Purge. Since the major part of the savings announced comes from the reduction of staff and the withdrawal of “certain formats which are not their own”

Our old friend, the BBC, they want her insane. I hope that this will pass soon and that professionals will revolt against this madness.

Source: Nuevo director of the BBC prohíbe a sus periodistas opinar in Twitter

Translation by Magali Sette, from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!