Scientific theories developed by independent and non-networked groups came to the following conclusion: Something will happen around the world that will change human history in a special way. While the predictions may not match exact dates, they all have one thing in common – it will happen this century and within a few decades.

The event or the sum of the events per se was named SINGULARITY and has unique characteristics: The development of the events does not generally accelerate within the scope of their properties, but changes abruptly or collapses and starts again.

These predictions could be made on the basis of curves that encompass the development of natural ecosystems as well as the various significant milestones in the universal history of mankind from the beginning of time.

Researchers like Alexander Panov, Ray Kurzweil and many others were able to bring those considerations together by bringing together fundamentally different variables – such as energy sources, automation, artificial intelligence, mode of production and consumption, etc., etc., etc.

However, the majority of theories portray science and technology as “the creator of this future” and not as a by-product of the evolution of our species.

We are of the opinion that the change takes place out of one’s own awareness of humanity in its human and spiritual dimension, and that as a consequence of this change external changes also occur – which technology, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering do not exclude, but them instead puts it in the foreground and makes it the vehicle and support for this change.

In summary, the SINGULARITY is a wonderful tool for theoretical analysis for us – to imagine a world to which we are striving and also to prevent the dangers that such a change could bring.

In what other way could we seriously speak of this chaotic future? It’s like we’re on a ship and we’re drawn to the enormous gravity of a black hole, a zone where time and space warp. Would we be able to know at what point in time or what distance we would reach the central vortex of the black hole? We’re not trying to do futurology … even less under these conditions.

But analyzing things from this point of view, with a warning in mind, is an excellent way of imagining the world that we may expect in the future.

Our area of interest focuses on human existence and this is the basis of our analysis, which of course does not claim to be “scientific accuracy”. We may also later be able to question current science with its alleged thoroughness and infallibility.

We strive for the evolution of mankind, we want a revolution in their consciousness and values. We reject the reification of the human being and the apocalyptic view of the future. We do not deny that machines are useful if they help to relieve people of work. We speak out against any kind of concentration of power and demand the expansion of human freedom, which can neither be restricted nor replaced by soulless algorithms.

As you can see, the future can hold many nuances … Our goal is to exchange ideas with those who are interested in these topics.

What is your vision of the future?

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Carlos Santos is a teacher and has been active in a humanist movement all his life. For the last decade he has devoted himself to audiovisual implementations – as a director, producer and screenwriter of documentaries and feature films within his production company Esencia Humana Films. Email:; Blog: