UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has obtained permission from the Queen to shut down Parliament. Under false pretences as disclosed by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace who was caught on camera explaining the real reason why Parliament has been prorogued. Nothing to do with a new agenda (presented to the Queen as the reason for it) – it is all about numbers as the government knows they can’t command a majority in the House of Commons, to agree to no-deal Brexit. This outrageous assault on Democracy has brought massive protests into the streets of many UK cities, here are some images.

Pictures by Antonio Carvallo

Pictures by Momentum Facebook

”We’re here because our democracy wasn’t given to us as an act of generosity or charity by the people on top,” said Owen Jones, a progressive activist and columnist for the [Guardian] newspaper, speaking as a protest particpant. “It was won through the struggle and sacrifice of our ancestors and it’s not for an unelected prime minister to shut down the elected parliament to ram through a no deal [Brexit] for which he has no democratic mandate.”