The Latin American women who make up Convergence of Cultures* are outraged at the application of the U.S. law that criminalises immigrants and their families, and that criminalises immigrant mothers and children in particular. Finally, it criminalises the basic right of human beings in their search for a better life.

Like the dreadful character in a children’s story, the president of the United States separates defenseless children from their immigrant parents, while he shouts threats and lies; can you imagine a greater disproportion? How scared can you be to imprison children? What could those little ones who cry in fear do to the most powerful country in the world?

Mr. Trump is using these children and their families as bargaining chips in a political game to win Congress and fulfill his promise to build a wall that divides Mexico from the United States to magically stop the unwanted immigration of Latinos.

We consider this a demonstration of brutal dehumanization.

On 20 June, Mr Trump signed a decree stating that families will no longer be separated, which is an advance, but this decree only applies to cases of new families detained and does not guarantee the reunification of families who have already been separated.

We call on our brotherly American people, especially women, to defend these children and their parents and guardians, who cannot defend themselves. We call on you to demand that your representatives stop this, that human lives cannot be used for political ends, that laws cannot be above human dignity.

All over the world we women have been showing strength and determination. Let us also join forces now to change the end of this bad children’s story and build together a common, united and nonviolent culture.

* Convergence of cultures
Chile – Argentina – Brazil

International organization that is part of the Humanist Movement


Translated from Spanish by Pressenza London