Convergencia de las Culturas

Convergencia de las Culturas

Convergence of Cultures is an organism that is part of the Humanist Movement. Its mission is: 1. To facilitate and stimulate dialogue between cultures. 2. To fight discrimination and violence. 3. To take its proposal to all latitudes.


No to a mass grave on the EU’s southern border

No to a mass grave on the EU’s southern border

Today, several European NGOs issued a public statement denouncing the catastrophic situation in the Mediterranean – that appears increasingly like a mass grave on the southern border of the European Union – and the absolute small-mindedness of political leaders in the light of the pathetic agreements reached in their last… »


Children as bargaining chips for dehumanization

Children as bargaining chips for dehumanization

The Latin American women who make up Convergence of Cultures* are outraged at the application of the U.S. law that criminalises immigrants and their families, and that criminalises immigrant mothers and children in particular. Finally, it criminalises the basic right of human beings in their search for a better life. »


Cosmovisiones indígenas, Nuevo Humanismo y modernidad

Por Annalisa Pensiero Un día de Junio saliendo del colegio donde había dejado a mi hija,  en el gran parque de entrada a la escuela, en un banco, me atrapa la escena de una madre y un padre con un niño desconsolado, a los gritos, agarrado con toda la fuerza… »


The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

“It is imperative that there be prior, free, and informed consultation of indigenous peoples concerning any project that could affect their rights”. »


A call to the people: nonviolence is the only way out!

A call to the people: nonviolence is the only way out!

After the recent and sad events in Paris, Convergence of Cultures would once again like to make a call to the world’s population to protect human values beyond all differences. This is a call to preserve and strengthen what has always driven people to find each other, meet and… »


21st of February: International mother language day

The mother tongue is what our mothers, or whoever was close while we were growing up, taught us.  In primitive societies it was the mother who took charge of domestic tasks and raising children, it was she who taught us our words. It is the first tool that we acquire… »


Ivory Coast, the ignored crisis

The world team of the humanist organism Convergence of Cultures denounces the growing violence that the non-resolved post-electoral crisis is causing in Ivory Coast, and demands a non-violent solution that lets the country overcome the social fracture. There have been many victims of indiscriminate violence, among them the humanists Lacina, Drissa and Moumouni. »


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