Yesterday, October 27, 2017, the Parlament de Catalunya declared independence. We know that it is a symbolic response that has a long way to go to be translated into a Catalan Republic, but the seriousness of the political situation led to the acceleration of the process. Six hours later the Government of Rajoy dismisses the Catalan government, and called for elections for December.

It was known that the risk was clear, it would not be otherwise, because the two trains were on the same track going in opposite directions. The Plaza Sant Jaume, where the Palace of the Generalitat and the City Hall are located has been a celebration of overflowing joy. The dream of generations of Catalans has seen its awakening, and that joy, conscious or unconscious of its subsequent involvement has to be heard, because the happiness of a people is won with coherent actions, and here the coherence has been to ask to be able to express an opinion, a generational desire to respect a culture, a people, its roots and its desire to govern itself independently of imposed institutions and beyond laws not voted by the current citizens.

The statement has been made with the phrase: “The Catalan Republic is constituted as an independent and sovereign state”, with 70 votes in favor, 10 against and 2 blank from a total of 135 deputies. “These are difficult times, of tension, but we have no alternative,” said Marta Rovira, spokesperson for Junts pel Sí (coalition of independence parties). Rovira has made clear the answer: “We are here to fulfill the mandate of October 1 … the citizens guaranteed us the country and now it is our job to guarantee them the State”. Her statements have continued bluntly giving power to the citizen: “Building a state as we propose to do, means that the power of the State can never be above the power of the people.”

With these statements and the action of the Catalan people at the polls on October 1, there is nothing left but to think about a future proposal: the laws will have to be determined by the people, the citizens, renewed according to the passing of time.