Under the heading of Immigration, Human Rights and Border Politics, this Congress on migration in the Spanish city of Ceuta will take place between the 24th and 26th of November.

Pressenza will participate as a media partner, providing a permanent streaming channel in collaboration with the local media outlet Ceuta Actualidad, and will present its point of view of the media’s responsibility concerning the phenomenon of migration and the possibility of contributing a new collective image worthy of human beings.

Organised by the Ceuta Study Institute, in collaboration with the University of Granada, the VII International Congress on Immigration, Interculturality and Coexistence, whose title this time is Immigration, Human Rights and Border Politics.

The main objective is “to give responses to the challenges posed by the phenomenon of migration today with the aim of contributing to an improvement both for the migrant and the receiving society.”

“The issues included on the congress’s programme,” the organisers explain, “cover the three big areas of the title, on the one hand, the value of human rights above any other question when talking about the phenomenon of migration; the legislative framework which is delimited by border politics and the development of different directives in practice, as well as the role of the media in the fomation of public opinion concerning immigration, that of NGOs, so often forgotten, and the national security services as the services on the frontline.”

The congress will take place in the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology on the University of Granada
campus in the city of Ceuta.


Pressenza and its “committed” role in this Congress.

Our agency, committed since its foundation to the cause of human rights, will participate in this Congress to present our point of view concerning the phenomenon of migration; regarding the role that the media fulfils in the configuration of the collective image and the need for a new humanising regard of immigration.

Our colleagues, Antonio Sempere and Juana Pérez Montero will participate as panellists, in addition to covering the event with interviews, articles and reports.

Pressenza will set up a permanent streaming channel on the 24th and 25th to cover the paneles and debates, with the technical support of Ceuta Actualidad.


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