On Saturday, October the 2nd, coinciding with the International Day of Nonviolence, the premier of the documentary film Beyond Revenge will be screened within the programme of the world congress of the International Peace Bureau, whose slogan this year is “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace”.  It will take place at 16:30 in the Technische Universität Berlin.

The director, Álvaro Orus, and producer, Luz Jahnen will be present to chat afterwards to those present.

The film will also be show in other countries on the same date.

Beyond Revenge, a documentary by Álvaro Orus and Luz Jahnen deals with violence, revenge and reconciliation and seeks to explain through the testimony of different people “how revenge ends up governing our society and our own lives” while opening the possibility to opt for a path of profound reconciliation as the basis for personal liberation and a possible future society that is less violent.

By projecting it within the world congress of the IPB, the film’s producers seek to contribute “a grain of sand to ‘the construction of a climate of peace’ through the voices of men and women who, in front of an event that has painfully marked their life story, become aware of how resentment and revenge has been sewn in their heads and hearts, conditioning their lives and choose instead to open the possibility to reconcile with those who have created such harm, on occasions even confronting the critical look and incomprehension of their loved ones.”

The intimate and vibrant tone that the documentary takes in certain moments allows the producers to deal with the subject of revenge within a social and historical context, exploring Western history in order to find the way in which revenge has become institutionalised and how it ended up becoming a constituent part of our entire culture, including art and religion.

The Spaniard, Álvaro Orus has directed other documentaries, some more social, others more “psychological” but all of them with a humanist focus.

For the producer, Luz Jahnen, this is his first incursion into the world of filmmaking after years investigating, writing and hosting workshops on violence, revenge and reconciliation.

Beyond Revenge is a non-commercial project undertaken thanks to the voluntary contribution of over 40 people from different countries.  It will be freely distributed.

The film will also be screened on the same day at midday in Cine Alameda in Santiago, Chile and on the 7th of October it will close the FICNOVA film competition (The Active Nonviolence Film Festival) in which 237 films were entered from 33 different countries.

Both Jahnen and Orus will be available during the Congress to talk to the press and in conversation with those present after the showing.

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