Ecology and Environment


God, What a Future!

In 2050, world energy demand will be 80% higher; urban air pollution is set to become the top environmental cause of mortality worldwide; global biodiversity is projected to decline by a further 10%; global water demand will increase by some 55%, and 2.3 billion more people than today –over 40% of the global population – will be living in river basins under severe water stress. »


Urban Population in 2050: 1.2 Billion in Africa, 3.3 Billion in Asia

New York – Africa’s urban population will increase from 414 million to over 1.2 billion by 2050 while that of Asia will soar from 1.9 billion to 3.3 billion. Both regions together will account for 86 per cent of all increase in the world’s urban population according to a new report. »


Green into Treasure

The Green Party of Hong Kong participated in the Third Global Greens Congress in Dakar, Senegal, over the three days at the end of March, 2012. There were three members in the delegation, led by Albert Oung, chairman. The Green Party of Hong Kong has recently been approved to be a full member of the Global Greens Congress. »


Third Global Greens Congress wraps up in Dakar, Senegal

The Global Greens held their Dakar2012 Global Congress in Senegal, with the closing day Sunday April 3, 2012. A series of resolutions were adopted mostly to do with the way to a stronger and cohesive green politics worldwide. Representatives of over 70 green parties from across the world met for the three days. This was the first Global Greens Congress in Africa. »


“A Matter of Life or Death for 15 Millions in Drought-prone Sahel”

The food and nutrition crisis facing countries in West Africa’s drought-prone Sahel region has continued to deteriorate at an alarming rate despite commendable early response efforts by governments and international aid agencies, a senior United Nations official said. »


Mongolia: Could Mining Threaten Tourism Potential?

Twenty years ago, Rik Idema, a Dutch cyclist, first passed through Mongolia on a round-the-world biking trip, the country struck him as the most pristine place he’d ever seen, so later returned to explore it with a Mongolian friend. They started Tseren Tours together in 1994. Yet while business is thriving, the couple worries about Mongolia’s future as a tourist destination. »


Foot-and-mouth Outbreak in Egypt Threatens Whole Region

Rome, 22 March – Urgent action is required to control a major outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease and prevent its spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East, which could have serious implications for food security in the region, FAO warned today. »


No Nukes Forum – Cracking the Nuclear Labyrinth

On this the first anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster questions remain to be adequately and correctly answered on: is life in Japan back to normal? What lessons were learnt about the hugely funded nuclear industry? What do we really know about radiation and nuclear energy, what impacts do these have on our lives? »


Climate: Huge Mirrors in Space, Petrifying Carbon Dioxide, Algae Farms, Lots of White Paint!

NAIROBI - Huge mirrors in space, petrifying carbon dioxide, algae farms, and lots of white paint – these are some of the ideas being proposed to offset global warming amid fears that temperatures might rise by more than two degrees Celsius by the end of this century. »


“Eat It Up Monsanto!”

So it turns that Monsanto, one of the world’s largest profiteers of genetically engineered (GE) food, has banned GE food from its own corporate canteens! »


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