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An island and its waters imperilled

Shek Kwu Chau is a restricted access island near Cheung Chau Island, off Hong Kong, reserved for volunteer drug rehabilitation affairs, but now figuring in a government zoning plan that would have a massive incinerator built 10 metres from its wonderful rocky shores to the destruction of its special wildlife features and in-shore fishing. Nearby islanders are protesting. »


New transgenics law under fire as Lawmakers approve legislation to regulate entry of genetically-modified seeds.

Bolivian lawmakers on June 18 approved new legislation aimed at protecting food for the country, but critics argue it will lead to an influx of genetically-modified seeds because it would give power to the multinational genetically-modified seed and fertilizer companies to overrun indigenous communities with their products. »


Green Institute Hong Kong brings out its Green Ambassadors

“How to get each one of us or as many as possible to start thinking and doing Green? As a start we have our Green Ambassador project to form people with a Green Heart to bring into birth a green culture where people can rethink everything and come to understand what being Green is all about,” Albert Oung, Green Institute Hong Kong. »


Save The Planet? Just Eat Cars, Drink Fuel!

Apparently every body is keen to save the planet Earth. But hardly a few ever think of changing lifestyle which is too heavily based on an over-consumption of energy and so many other things. »


Can Nepal Feed Itself?

New method of rice cultivation doubles harvests with less water and less seeds. It sounds too good to be true. Lalku Katharia, a farmer in Lalbojhi of Kailali has doubled his rice harvest from half the seeds he used last year. He did this without even needing to flood his fields with scarce irrigation water. »


Children contaminated in Japan whilst the UK tried to minimise the Fukuyima effect on public opinion

Japanese children have been shown to be contaminated with radioactive caesium just weeks after the government raised the acceptable level of contamination in schools which provoked angry responses from parents. At the same time it is revealed that the UK government attempted to minimise the importance of the accident in order to prevent a backlash against nuclear energy. »


Law Enforcement

We go on with the publication of Ivo Ghignoli’s Chronicles from the garrison of Maddalena, where NO TAV militants are peacefully protesting against the construction of the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway line; the line will pierce a mountain and disrupt the entire hydro-geological structure of Val di Susa, near Turin. »


Today in Val di Susa: commentary of brutalities

Ivo Ghignoli, NO-TAV militant, humanist, regional leader of ARCI, reports on the brutal actions of the police at the nonviolent barricade, put in place to defend the sacrosanct right of people to self-determination of their destiny. It’s been years that in Val di Susa, north-west of Italy, the NO-TAV movement asks that the works for High-speed trains not be carried out. »


Nuclear Weapons Lab threatened by Wildfire; Nuclear Power Plant Surrounded by Floodwater

A Nuclear Weapons Lab in New Mexico and a Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska continue to show the on going safety issues and the consequent threats posed by these high risk technologies as these articles from Democracy Now show. »


“Safe” and “Clean” Nuclear Power?

Steven Starr from Physicians for Social Responsibility writes about the dangers of creating so much radioactive waste in the world’s 440 nuclear reactors, the ongoing situation in Fukushima and the legacy of the radioactive exclusion zone around Chernobyl. “It is time to admit that nuclear power is neither a “safe” nor “clean” method to produce energy.” »


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