Europe Is Sick, the Whole World to Suffer

“Countries throughout the world will experience an economic slowdown this year as the sovereign debt crisis in Europe continues to unfold,” says a UN report.

The Big Failure of Global Policies and Practices

Montevideo – The World Trade Organization (WTO) has failed. In December, the Doha Round is turning ten years old, with nothing to celebrate[i]. Formal negotiations of the Round expired in 2005, without any agreement, and informal negotiations stalled in 2008. Indications in December too were that an agreement to liberalize trade among its 153 member countries was eluding.

The migration tide turns, again. Latin America, one of the favourite destinations

During the last two centuries over 60 million of Europeans travelled to the Americas escaping the great wars or looking for a better life. When Latin Americans travelled back to Europe running away from military dictatorships and economic debacles the walls came up in “fortress Europe”. As the economic crisis in the Eurozone unfolds migration is again changing direction.

Occupy London calls for an end to tax havens, for lobbying transparency and personal accountability for executives

Press Release Posted on November 28, 2011 by OccupyLSX (Occupy the London Stock Exchange). Initial statement of Corporations Policy Group ratified by Occupy London’s General Assembly. Occupy London asks corporations to engage in dialogue working together to create a socially responsible and sustainable economic system.

Of Vulture Funds and How to Blackmail the Countries Chosen as Preys

Montevideo – In 2002, Anne Krueger, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), floated the idea that countries can go bust, advanced her opinion about a possible international mechanism of sovereign debt restructuring, and when considering the obstacles to an orderly debt restructuring, explicitly mentioned the behavior of vulture funds.

Occupy Harvard. Students Protest Class by Economics Professor by Staging Walkout

The Occupy movement continues to expand its influence and develop awareness in different fronts. Harvard Economics students decide to raise the issue of what kind of models are taught and what has been the influence of such models in the creation of the present international crisis. Professor teaches “Neo-Kensyan”(!?) doctrine but students describe it as neo-liberal

Europe – The Vicious Circle of Paying Debts With More Debts

With two years of failed plans, pseudo-plans and announcements of plans, Europe has acquired a huge pile of debt and a decade of agony.

Pedro Páez letter

Here we give publication to the complete letter we received from our friend Pedro Páez, at the moment in which he concluded his
duties as President of the Ecuadorian Presidential Technical Commission
for the New International Financial Architecture, to which he were appointed by the Ecuatorian President Mr. Rafael Correa.

The G20, the Eurozone and the Robin Hood Tax

We reproduce here a report from the [Robin Hood Tax]( campaign website in relation to the meeting of the G20. Who supports it, who will try to block it and how it could help the Eurozone emerge from its current crisis. As even some bankers are now talking about being responsible, the momentum for this tax keeps growing.

Just Help the Banks, Not the Cooperatives – These Generate Only $ 1,1 Trillion and Benefit Barely 800 Million People

While European politicians are spending millions of euro on never-ending summits to seek the best way how to further fund their banks through new re-capitalisation plans, cooperatives silently gather over 800 million people in 100 countries, employing more than 100 million persons worldwide—that’s 20% more than the multinationals, without due attention from politicians.

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