On one hand, there is the drama of the Greek people who find their saviour in Syriza; on the other hand, there is a farce between the latter and the rest of the EU, which swings from the serious to the out of control – much to the delight of observers and the media.

In the background is the theme of debt which is in reality the creditors concerned by the way things are evolving.

It is also the Greeks’ problem, but only if the solutions would fall – as occurred in the past – on to the shoulders of the population; which is no longer a foregone conclusion if someone takes the task of doing things in a reasonable way.

But let’s make a hypothesis to understand the situation: Greek debt cancelled, problems ended? Certainly not!

How would Greece import what she needs without new debt or – this is the point – without exporting an amount of equivalent value?

And the obstacle to this is the euro. With the euro Greece went into the crisis, with the euro she will continue to not get out of it.

Thus a possible solution could be: in Europe, but out of the euro with a negotiated debt management plan; outside Europe with Russia and/or China.

The scientists in Brussels and surroundings have led us to this.

Politicians are doing all sorts of things, but the people will succeed.