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Toward a transparent system of justice

José Manuel Muñoz Felipe, coordinator of the World Peace March for Spain, closed the First Conference on eJustice with an exposition on law, power and human rights. The physical event took place simultaneously in Trujillo, Spain and Mexico City, Mexico, with nearly 2000 people in 25 countries participating via internet. »


Women must fight

Given the rise of religious fundamentalism and blatant attacks on minorities especially minority women.  There is widespread practices of discrimination and social exclusion of women from Dalit (untouchable) communities, despite constitutional guarantees of equality and decades of targeted interventions by government.  »


Guatemalan hospitality for international team of pilgrims

The World March for Peace promotional organizations in Guatemala, together with the council authorities of the City of Esquipulas, host city for the peace agreements negotiated between Central American countries in 1986 and 1987, extend an invitation to the members of the international team that will arrive in that city next December. »


Opening celebration for World March for Peace in Quinta Vergara

In a place known as Chile’s Garden City, the community of Viña del Mar, world famous for its Song Festival and named the 2007 City of Peace, will come together along with numerous regional organizations, institutions, and artists supporting the World March for Peace and Non-Violence to celebrate its kickoff in New Zealand. »


The Base Team Spanish contingent depart for New Zealand

With a farewell at the World without Wars headquarters in Madrid, the Spanish members of the Base Team got ready to leave for New Zealand, where the World March for Peace and Nonviolence will start on the 2nd of October. In this gathering they talked about some of the particulars of this adventure for peace. »


Irene Montemurro paints the nonviolent woman

An exhibition of pictures by the Argentine painter Irene Montemurro has opened in Madrid, in the Hispanic-Central American Centre. The painter supports the search for liberty in women through vitally nonviolent experience. The exhibition, which will continue on until 1st October, is dedicated to the World March for Peace. »


Argentina: the Indigenous Peoples could have their own media

The Indigenous Peoples of Argentina have publicly expressed their support for the new Audiovisual Communication Services Law. The new legal framework recognizes their right to establish themselves as communication service providers and has as one of its objectives “the preservation and promotion of the identity and cultural values of the indigenous peoples.” »


The first kilometers marked by Montserrat Ponsa, member of the base team

Montserrat Ponsa, member of the base team, has begun the World March in her hometown, L'Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona), before leaving for New Zealand. Journalist and the only Catalan who will complete the entire route, she was accompanied in her personal first steps of the March by her neighbors, local and regional politicians, and representatives of various organizations. »


Chilean seasoned traveller treks around the world for peace

*“I’m doing it because I am convinced that this is the most wonderful demonstration in history since it is going to change the way we think about violence”*, according to Miguel Hirsch, who sets off this week to join the rest of the members of the international team of Marchers for peace and nonviolence who will travel for 90 days. »


President Rafael Correa of Ecuador Endorses the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Through a public declaration broadcast through TV to the Ecuadorian people, President Rafael Correa let his endorsement and support be known for this planetary mobilisation for Peace that will arrive in Ecuador on the 18th of December and whose international delegation will be received in Plaza Grande, “heart of Quito” and witness to the great milestones in Ecuadorian history. »


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