To the Editor:

Re “U.S. Vows to Dull Russia’s Capacity to Act Militarily” (front page, April 26):

However one might view the morality, let alone wisdom, of Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, it seems clear that one motivation was Russia’s fear — repeatedly expressed — that the United States and its NATO allies were steadily moving eastward, toward Russia’s borders.

It is difficult to understand how a public statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that the U.S. hopes that the war will weaken Russia’s military will allay any of those concerns, de-escalate the violence being inflicted on the Ukrainian people, or contribute to a resolution of the conflict.

Mary T. Yelenick
New York

Mary Yelenick, Main Representative of Pax Christi International to the United Nations. She advocates for nuclear disarmament, anti-racism, active nonviolence, and social and economic justice, both internationally, at the United Nations and domestically with Pax Christi USA National Anti-Racism Team. Pax Christi is a Global Catholic Peace and Nonviolence movement, member of the ICAN coalition.

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