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The World Social Forum celebrates its tenth birthday

The subject of how to approach this “other world” that’s possible is being debated in Porto Alegre. The capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul is celebrating ten years of the WSF and is welcoming 30,000 delegates from different organisations that have come to participate in the opening inaugurated by Lula da Silvia, President of Brazil. »


Morales: Today in Tiwanaku, a new ray of hope is born for humanity and a new Bolivian State

In three languages, Aymara, Quechua, and Spanish, Evo Morales proclaimed that in Tiwanaku, a new ray of hope was born for humanity and a new Bolivian State, after receiving the ceremonial staff of the indigenous peoples, who anointed him as a spiritual guide in the ruins of a thousand-year-old civilization, to mark the beginning of his second presidential term. »


Bolivia points the way to emancipation for the world’s indigenous peoples: Menchú

Bolivia points the way to emancipation for the world’s indigenous peoples with the consolidation of the process of change and the indigenous leader Evo Morales’ second presidential term. This was affirmed on Wednesday by the Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchú, a well known human rights activist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. »


Intense humane campaign from the organisation Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Doctors Without Borders, international humanitarian organisation delivering medical care and awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1999, is carrying out effective action by assisting and helping voluntarily in the city of Port au Prince, recently devastated by an earthquake. The natural and human disaster stirred compassion in numerous organisations and governments around the world. »


The march for a world without wars has recently begun

Two days after some 15,000 people from around the world celebrated the conclusion of the first World March for Peace and Non Violence in the heart of the Andean mountain range, many of its organisers and participants came together to shape the future of the humanist organisation ‘World without War and without Violence.’ »


Tomás Hirsch: “Peace and Nonviolence has always been our central concern”

Chilean Tomas Hirsch, reference for new humanism in Latin America, spoke in the closing event of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence celebrated on January 2, 2010. Hirsch took the opportunity giving testimony of his experience marching in Latin America and spoke about the growing consciousness there with inspiring images of the future activities of the Humanist Movement. »


International Humanist Party relaunched in the Andes Mountains

Almost 26 years after its founding, the International Humanist Party, which proclaims "active nonviolence" as its method of action, began a new phase with a global meeting. At the Park of Study and Reflection at Punta de Vacas members of Humanist Parties from all over the world converged. Exchanges were conducted and a short term plan was defined. »


Convergence of Cultures is Presented as a World Federation

Taking place in Punta de Vacas Park of Study and Reflection (Argentina), in the context of restructuring of the Humanist Movement, the organization Convergence of Cultures held a meeting setting the new stage of the organization based on establishing dialogue among cultures and denouncing discrimination. An international forum in Istanbul was announced for December. »


Community for Human Development launches ‘10,000 volunteers for active non-violence’ campaign

Today, a meeting was held by the Community for Human Development, an international humanist association that undertakes sociocultural activities, which through the new worldwide campaign ‘10,000 volunteers for active nonviolence’, intends to continue the activities initiated during the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. »


With high expectations, thousands of people are waiting for the closing ceremony of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

In a few hours the international team of the World March will finalize their journey, which started in New Zealand on October 2nd, and went all over the world asking for nuclear disarmement. Thousands of people, coming from the five continents are coming to the Park of Study and Reflection “Punta de Vacas”, located in the Andes, at the foot of Aconcagua. »


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