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São Paulo Forum: Encouraging meeting of the region’s progressive forces

From the 17th to the 20th of August the XVI São Paulo Forum Meeting, created in 1990 took place in the City of Buenos Aires. Political parties, organizations and representatives from 18 countries in the region participated in the event. Overthrown Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya was present. The Humanist Party from Argentina participated in all workshops. »


The levelling process has begun in Parks of Study and Reflection

Almost 1500 assistants gathered last Saturday in 20 Parks of Study and Reflection in America, Asia and Europe. Young people, elderly people, women, men, students, workers, and a variety of customs, ethnic backgrounds and cultures joined together to take part in a meeting where the collective understanding was the distinctive feature of the day. »


New opening for the works of School

A new process of preparatory work for the Disciplines, an internal process of transformation giving access the Profound spaces of the Mind, begins in the Parks of Study and Reflection on Saturday August 14th. In 20 parks across America, Europe and Asia, thousands of people will attend to begin the work of the Siloist School. »


Tomás Hirsch gives presentation at San Lorenzo Book Fair

The Chilean humanist Tomás Hirsch presented the book “Parks of Study and Reflection, Beacons of the New Spiritual Horizon of Humanity”. He informed about these places of inspiration for a new spirituality. The conference took place at the Book Fair in San Lorenzo, organized by members of the Carcarañá Park of Study and Reflection, near the city of Rosario, Argentina. »


Mercosur Summit

On the 2nd and 3rd of August, the Argentinean province of San Juan was the venue for the 39th meeting of the board of the Common Market and Summit of the Leaders of MERCOSUR and Associated States . The main achievement was the Customs Code “a document, a very important piece of regional legislation”, which has been agreed, and which is the result of six years of work. »


Evo Morales to Attend South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup

Bolivian President Evo Morales will travel to Johannesburg on Wednesday to attend South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. After confirming on Tuesday his presence at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony, Morales stressed the importance of sports for health, integration, and discipline. The Bolivian president also will hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts. »


Clearly a new horizon is emerging

During the recent visit by Silo to the Park of Study and Reflection: Los Manantiales, located 70 kilometres north of Santiago de Chile, a profound hope was installed deep in the hearts of all those who heard his words from the Meditation Hall. "We believe," he said, "a new spiritual horizon is being born in the world." »


Creating life… making fire

From the time when the human being was first able to produce fire and could count on this source of energy to cook food, defend the entrances of the caves where they lived, warm themselves and illuminate the night, and then raise the temperature in ovens and kilns that allowed the making of pottery, melting of metals, working with glass... up to the creation of life. »


UN Secretary-General sends Nuclear Abolition Day message

This Saturday is Nuclear Abolition Day — a global day of action to abolish nuclear weapons, and the opportunity to respond to the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference outcome. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today sent a video message of encouragement, which can be seen at []( »


Nuclear Abolition Day

On June 5, 2010, thousands of people across the world will take part in coordinated local events to mark Nuclear Abolition Day. The message is simple: it’s time for governments to begin negotiating a Nuclear Weapons Convention to ban all nuclear weapons. In some countries, protests will take place outside government buildings or at nuclear facilities. »


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