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First Cell Controlled by a Synthetic Genome

Crossing the frontier and producing synthetic life for the first time, the discovery by a group of U.S. scientists, opens many areas of application while leaving open a new horizon for what we consider typical of the human being: the ability to make life. This is an extraordinary discovery that opens up the hope of better understanding the basic mechanisms that drive all life. »


And one day the human being created Life

The moment so feared, so desired, so imagined, has arrived; the moment when the human being - by creating life - is transformed into God. The Science Journal of May 20 gives the news of the first synthetic cell, a cell completely controlled by artificial DNA. "A cell that changes the definition of what is meant by 'life'." »


Brazilian front of local governments joins Mayors for Peace during national meeting

The Frente Nacional de Prefeitos (FNP) joined Mayors for Peace during their General Meeting held in Florianopolis, south of Brazil, on April 26 and 27th. In the motion adopted by the FNP the Brazilian Association of Local Governments encourages its members to join individually. During the conference 29 Brazilian Mayors were welcomed as new members. »


Colombia Green Party Wins Potential Voters

The leader of the Colombian Green Party, Antanas Mockus, reached a technical tie in popularity rating with his most dangerous rival in the presidential race, and stated his goal is to win in first electoral round. A poll by the National Consultancy Center and CM News revealed that Mockus has climbed considerably in voting intentions. »


Cochabamba, the Water Wars and Climate Change

Here in this small Andean nation of 10 million people, the glaciers are melting, threatening the water supply of the largest urban area in the country, El Alto and La Paz, with 3.5 million people living at altitudes over 10,000 feet. I flew from El Alto International, the world’s highest commercial airport, to the city of Cochabamba. »


Interview with Hugo Novotny: “In the Parks of Study and Reflection many issues are being worked on.”

We have been talking to Hugo Novotny about the Parks of Study and Reflection and what is being lived in them by those who do the work of levelling, as well as those who develop a process in one of the four disciplines: the material discipline, the energetic discipline, the mental discipline and morphological discipline. »


Lula: “Deactivation of what?”

“If we talk about deactivating something that has already expired, it makes no sense. I have a medicine cabinet at home from which I remove expired medicines. Unless we talk seriously about disarmament we cannot accept that there are countries that are armed to the teeth and others that are unarmed”, said the President of Brazil regarding the new USA and Russia agreement. »


Parks of Study and Reflection: a new cycle of works of levelling

For those interested in beginning the works of levelling a new cycle will begin on Saturday May 29th 2010, from 08:00 hours to 20:00 hours (local time in each of the parks) in the 21 Parks of Study and Reflection around the world. Those interested should enrol with the Commission in the Park where they wish to participate. »


Lula plans Iran visit to prevent a repeat of Iraq war

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said he planned to visit Iran next month in order to prevent a "mistake" like the one that led to the invasion of Iraq. "I am going there because I do not want the mistake that was made in Iraq to be repeated in Iran," he said, in comments that the state news agency ABR reproduced. »


World Cup can boost fight against racism, says UN human rights chief.

"The forthcoming Football World Cup in South Africa provides an opportunity both to take a fresh look at the issue of racism in sport, and to enhance sport’s tremendous potential to undermine racism, xenophobia and similar forms of intolerance in wider society", declared Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights. »


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