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Hiroshima Survivor’s Peace Message

A survivor of the Hiroshima bombing urged a library full of students at Brooklyn International High School to work towards a world without war. Setsuko Thurlowtold her tale of survival to a group of about fifty seniors on the 70 th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that drew the U.S. into World War II. »


New Brand of Slavery Surfaces in America

We are all familiar with the proverb: **Not all that glitters is gold.** The Romans had a saying which ran as follows: **Aliud est theoria, aliud est practica** – **One thing is theory, another thing is practice.** »


Mr. Ban Has a Dream: That Big Business Will Fight Against Modern Slavery!

Everybody is entitled to have dreams and anyway every one has, maybe some people more than others. The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon appears to be very active in this field—he now pretends that big corporations, banks and eventually all the private sector everywhere, to be more active in combating modern forms of slavery! »


UN to Rich Countries: Halt Austerity, Avoid Deep Recession

New York –The world risks falling back into recession if developed countries embark prematurely on fiscal austerity measures, according to a UN report, which recommends additional stimulus measures as well as more forceful international coordination to stimulate job creation and investment. »


US Senate debating law to censor Internet, effectively, at world level. Avaaz Campaign.

Unlike Internet censorship in China or Iran - which the US denounces vociferously - the fact that the US is such a hub of servers for the whole world means that any censorship to its cyberspace has worldwide repercussions. We report here on a campaign by Avaaz to resist new censorship legislation at present being debated in the Senate. »


The Camp is the World: Connecting the Occupy Movements and the Spanish May 15 Movements

We write this letter as participants in the movements, and as an invitation to a conversation. We hope to raise questions about how we continue to deepen and transform the new social relationships and processes we have begun... to open the discussion towards a common horizon. By Luis Moreno-­Caballud and Marina Sitrin »


Six in 10 Women Suffer Physical and/or Sexual Violence

New York – Six in 10 women have suffered physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime, a majority from their husbands or partners. »


March from Occupy Wall Street Arrives in Washington DC Today

Occupy Wall Street initiative called ‘Occupy the Highway’ arrives in Washington DC, having marched from NYC. Two weeks ago, OWS participants in Manhattan embarked on the epic journey. Their goals were to make the new movement visible in more communities, to connect with other occupations along the way, and to further a national dialogue about how to reclaim our democracy. »


Statement from Occupy Toronto

Statement from the occupy Toronto, the Ontario Court of Justice has respectfully ask the movment to disassemble the camp and Police have made their first arrest after moving in early Wednesday morning to enforce the eviction order. Occupy: Evolution! Statement to the City of Toronto: Please acknowledge that this release is a partial reiteration of a previous statement »


Occupy Harvard. Students Protest Class by Economics Professor by Staging Walkout

The Occupy movement continues to expand its influence and develop awareness in different fronts. Harvard Economics students decide to raise the issue of what kind of models are taught and what has been the influence of such models in the creation of the present international crisis. Professor teaches "Neo-Kensyan"(!?) doctrine but students describe it as neo-liberal »


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