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Message to Obama: You Can’t Have Muhammad Ali

On November 19th, President Barack Obama wrote a stirring tribute in USA Today to the most famous draft resister in US history, Muhammad Ali. On Tuesday, Obama spoke at West Point, calling for an increase of 30,000 troops into Afghanistan, with a speech that recalled the worst shadings of George W. Bush's "war on terror." »


Doomsday clock moves 1 minute away from midnight

Today the Doomsday clock was moved back by 1 minute to 11:54pm today in a press conference of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. In a move to align the environmental and anti-nuclear movements, speakers pointed out the need to tackle climate change as well as implement strategies for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. »


Welcoming Remarks

Upon arriving in Mexico City from the United States of America, the international team was greeted with a colorful ceremony in which the following words of David Samano were said. After touring several Mexican states, the team continued their tireless travels towards Guatemala, where they are currently on route to Punta de Vacas. »


Tomas Hirsch: His Dream is our Dream

In a tribute to Martin Luther King from the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, Tomas Hirsch honors Dr. King's dream. Mr. Hirsch spoke at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, and referred to present dreams for a world without nuclear weapons and without wars. He declares his disappointment for President Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. »


World March for Peace and Nonviolence Gains Support in US Congress

Members of the international team of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence met with US Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Capitol Hill as well as staff members of Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Keith Ellison and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Congressman Lewis was to introduce a resolution in support of the World March to Congress that afternoon. »


Stevie Wonder, A New UN Messenger of Peace

Ban Ki-Moon, U.N. secretary-general, designated American singer, Stevie Wonder, a U.N. Messenger of Peace. At a press conference also attended by the artist, Ban praised Wonder saying he was a "musical genius" and a "man dedicated to humanitarian causes who has campaigned against Apartheid (in South Africa), for children in need, and for people with disabilities". »


UN Secretary General Gives Enthusiastic Support to World March

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon received a delegation of the World March in New York and gave his enthusiastic support to this "noble" effort. Both parties offered to find ways to work together in the task of abolishing nuclear weapons. The March organizers agreed to adopt the Secretary General’s 5-Point Plan as one of its official documents. »


Martin Sheen marches in support of Peace and Nonviolence on the day designated “Los Angeles day of nonviolence”

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence arrived on the US west coast today, with events in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Red Bluff and San Francisco. In LA a March of over 500 people took to the streets in support of the global initiative passing through 100 countries to send a strong message to President Obama condemning his decision to increase US troop presence in Afghanistan. »


United States Plans to Sign New START Nuclear Treaty with Russia the End of December.

The US is waiting for the new Russian-American Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) draft to be ready by the end of this December, declared State Depart Spokesman, Ian Kelly in a November 24 press conference in Washington, DC. The current START-1 treaty that requires both powers to reduce their nuclear warheads, expired December 5th. »


Wind, rain and cold, not enough to deter Marchers for Peace and Nonviolence in New York City

The International Base Team of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence arrived today in New York and marched with over 1000 people from Brooklyn to Manhattan to celebrate the start of the North American leg of the March. Later, in the evening Dr Bernard Lafayette, civil rights activist and nonviolence educator inspired the audience at the Riverside Church. »


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Film: The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons

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International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


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