N.Korea completes missile launch tower

Recent satellite images show that North Korea has completed a launch tower at its new missile base, a key step in efforts to test a missile which could eventually reach the United States, experts say.
An image taken on January 10 of the Tongchang-ri base on the west coast shows a moveable launch pad and swing arms along with the tower.

Indonesia – Home helpers deserve a law

14 February 2011 marked National Domestic Workers Day in Indonesia that has around 2.6 million domestic workers. As in Hong Kong, these workers play a vital role in the household and overall economy. Yet Amnesty International has received many reports of domestic workers in Indonesia being subjected to physical and psychological abuse, as well as economic exploitation.

Humanist postscript to the Egyptian revolution

“Getting rid of dictators is not enough. Building a civic participatory society is not easy – Europe’s enlightenment did not come just from removing a few dictators,” a Palestinian friend said to me recently. “People’s expectation raised for change will dash against the reality that it will take decades to create systems of governance, accountability, economic justice…”

Of Zubin Mehta, Berlin Musicians and Nature Conservation

Zubin Mehta, renowned Indian conductor of western classical music — who commutes between the major music centers in Europe, the United States and Israel — remains emotionally attached to the country of his birth, particularly the diversity of its nature.
He conducted Europe’s first charity concert in Berlin to promote nature conservation in north-eastern Himalayan region.

Thousands Protest U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan

Thousands of people have rallied in the northwestern Pakistan zone in order to protest for the ongoing United States drone attacks that killed scores of civilians. On last Sunday, thousands of demonstrators at the Pakistani city of Peshawar, blocked a main road and several small ones helding a vigil to mourn drone attack victims.

For a more humane life on earth

Nose-flute player and human rights activist Dom-an hails from Sagada, Mountain Province, in the Cordillera Central mountain range of north central Luzon, Philippines. November 28, 2005, her husband Pepe was killed by rogue elements among the military. Transcending her plight she has opened her search for justice to similarly distressed people.

Nepal – assimilation of ex-fighters bodes well

*Nepal’s Maoists have relinquished control of their 19,000 fighters to government control. The young fighters wonder what’s next! The assimilation of the former fighters into society is viewed as a crucial step in Nepal’s peace process. Everyone applauds the move as constructive and the way forward. But the real work has only just begun.*

Writer’s block: Nobel winner Pamuk boycotts Sri Lanka festival

Turkish Nobel Literature Prize winner Mr. Orhan Pamuk and several other international top authors are boycotting Sri Lanka’s upcoming literary Galle Festival, following an appeal done by Reporters Without Borders. “Authors who are going would legitimize Sri Lanka’s very poor freedom of expression record,” the group says.

How I Learned to Respect Africa

Akwaaba, which means “welcome,” was the first word I came across upon my arrival in Ghana. Many people identify Africa with words that have negative connotations, such as poverty, conflict or disease. However, there is much more to this vast continent than such associations. This is what I learn during my one-year visit to Ghana. I found so much hope and potential there.

India – Bihar Park Trust Registered

As the latest development of the worldwide phenomenon of Parks of Study and Reflection, the Park at Narhi, Madhubani, Bihar, India, is also dedicated to studying and reflecting about the Human Being, the condition, and the evolutionary possibilities that allow general progress toward the establishment of a humanized non-violent world that is without discrimination of any kind.

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