Questions and Answers: Human rights and the unrest in the Middle East

-What is Amnesty International doing about the protests in Egypt and elsewhere in the region? We've sent a delegation to Egypt to help witness, record and expose human rights abuses being committed during the uprising, as we did during the unrest in Tunisia earlier in the year. We're doing this in close cooperation with local human rights activists. »


This Is The Most Remarkable Regional Uprising That I Can Remember

In recent weeks, popular uprisings in the Arab world have led to the ouster of Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the imminent end of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime, a new Jordanian government, and a pledge by Yemen’s longtime dictator to leave office at the end of his term. We spoke to MIT Professor Noam Chomsky about the situation in Egypt. »


Of Zubin Mehta, Berlin Musicians and Nature Conservation

Zubin Mehta, renowned Indian conductor of western classical music -- who commutes between the major music centers in Europe, the United States and Israel -- remains emotionally attached to the country of his birth, particularly the diversity of its nature. He conducted Europe's first charity concert in Berlin to promote nature conservation in north-eastern Himalayan region. »


For a more humane life on earth

Nose-flute player and human rights activist Dom-an hails from Sagada, Mountain Province, in the Cordillera Central mountain range of north central Luzon, Philippines. November 28, 2005, her husband Pepe was killed by rogue elements among the military. Transcending her plight she has opened her search for justice to similarly distressed people. »


Out of the Ashes Rose Human Beings

Pinagpalang Kamay Association or PKAI is an NGO formed by Ms. Mina Tecson to aid two communities in need, one a poverty-stricken community in Payatas on the outskirts of Quezon City, and the other a home for abandoned physically and mentally ill children residing at Cottolengo Filipino, Montalban Rizal, quite nearby. I toured both in December 2010. »


Pets for Peace

*Has the target to promote peace and non-violence ‘gone to the dogs’ I was thinking on entering the Sunday-noisy Krispy Creme café situated in up-market Bonifacio High Street at Global City, Taguig, Manila. I was to meet Patricia Carrascoso of Pets for Peace & the Labrador Retriever Owner’s Club. I was in for an awakening!* »


Brazil: Change Dawned with Resolution 1325

Exclusive Interview with Clara Charf, president of Women for Peace and organizer of the Brazilian selection of 52 women chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. She talks about the advances of Resolution 1325 in Brazil and the "historic" moment that the country is going through with the election of the first female president. »


The Absurdity of War

*Creator of Eliminatewarforever weblog, David Elborn is a self-described 'citizen of planet Earth', and has travelled extensively to war-torn regions including Afghanistan. He has seen these disasters first-hand and has been highly passionate about the elimination of war for over 20 years. He frequently speaks publicly about the issue.* »


Taiwan – Silver teapot dialogue

Silversmith Mr Chung Wei-wen is a Taiwanese working independently in the foothills above Taipei, producing silver accessories and teapots. Highly skilled and with strong demand for his artifacts, with his teapots he tries to reach into the mind of his clients with his more humanistic philosophy that pits itself against today’s profligacy and materialism. »


Australia Elections: Interviewing Scott Wilkie

Kevin Rudd came in like a lion and went out without a bleat, but many Australians felt cheated. After all he was elected by the entire nation so what was the Labor Party thinking about when they chucked him out? Whatever those thoughts were, the result was a hung parliament and an electoral hangover with the populace seeing reality as a green tinted spectacle. »


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