30% increase in military spending in South America last year

South American countries spent more than US$51billion dollars in defense in 2008, almost 30% more than last year, according to a study carried out by the Centro de Estudios Unión para la Nueva Mayoría. Military investment is to increase further following a recent military purchase and technology sharing agreement between France and Brazil. »


More than 776 million adults are illiterate

About 776 million adults, mostly women, are illiterate, and 75 million children are outside the schools system, the UN Secretary General stressed on the occasion of World Literacy Day, and went on to explain that only education allows individuals to exercise their rights as citizens and human beings. Mr. Ban called upon all to redouble the commitment to universal literacy. »


UN Security Council Heads of State urged to “promote tangible steps” to a nuclear-weapon-free-world

With the upcoming special session of the UN Security Council on September 24 approaching, Abolition 2000 calls on world leaders, “to focus attention and promote tangible steps that would reduce the nuclear weapons danger, and move decisively toward a nuclear-weapon-free-world, based on the UN Secretary General’s five - point plan.” »


Financing the World March through donated kilometres

A letter aimed towards endorsers of the World March has been sent by the International Spokesperson for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, Rafael de la Rubia, asking for people to donate kilometres to the team of people who will cover the 160,000 km of the World March. Kilometres can be donated through the internet in the official World March website. »


XXIst United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues: main conclusions targeted reduction of the nuclear arsenal

From August 26 to 28, the XXIst United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues - one of the most important forums for dialogue on nuclear non-proliferation - took place in the Japanese city of Niigata. “The Nuclear-Armed States must lead by example by reducing their nuclear weaponry”, stated Kanat B. Saudabayev, Secretary of State of Kazakstan. »


Jody Williams: “Landmines are killing after war”.

It is a mistake to think that certain problems do not concern us, only because they happen thousands of miles away from us and affect people we have never met, or whom we perceive as “different” from us. The world we live in is increasingly interconnected, and what happens in seemingly remote places can affect all of us in the form of violence, conflict, insecurity. »


The continuous escalation of war worldwide

A study published by the University of Heidelberg reveals the gap between the media-generated image of war and the nature of the actual conflicts. Although the Second World War ended with great aspirations for world peace, since that time the total number of world conflicts has risen in a moderate, but constantly upward, curve. »


Should drones be part of BNAS reuse?

Northrop Grumman personnel ready a visiting unmanned Global Hawk aircraft for takeoff at Brunswick Naval Air Station. A pilot from Patrol navigates the craft remotely from Patuxent River (Md.) Naval Air Station. The Global Hawk’s approximately stay represented the first time one of the military’s vaunted drones had ever landed from a New England location. »


UN named Evo “Global Defender of Mother Earth”

The United Nations General Assembly awarded President Evo Morales a medal and scroll, naming him “Global Defender of Mother Earth". The ceremony took place at the Palacio Quemado, the presidential palace in La Paz. The honor was bestowed after the Bolivian president's tireless efforts before the United Nations defending the environment and natural resources. »


Noam Chomsky and Latin America: Excerpts of an Interview

Noam Chomsky speaks about the future and predicts difficult situations for China and India. On the other hand he analyzes the appearance of progressiveness in Latin America as very important. For the first time in 500 years, LA is moving towards a degree of independence and a kind of integration and also is beginning to face some of its massive internal problems. »


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