March for Freedom – Police brutality faced by the refugees on their way to Brussels

07.06.2014 - Pressenza Berlin

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March for Freedom – Police brutality faced by the refugees on their way to Brussels
(Image by Interview of Amir with "Luxemburg Wort")

Amir, a member of the March for Freedom of the refugees to Brussels, explains what the March is all about and what happened at the 5th of june in Luxemburg.

Transcript of a video posted by Luxemburg Wort.

What is the March for Freedom about?

The March for Freedom is a group of the asylum seekers, non-citizens, sans papiers, immigrants, also citizens. We all share the same anger with all the people and fight for the freedom. Our demands are freedom of movement, freedom of residency, abolishing frontex and all the anti-migration policy. As a sans papiers, as a non-citizen, as an asylum seeker here in Europe, apart from where we are, in Germany, in France, in Netherlands, everywhere we face the same brutality, nobody regards us as a human because we are the trash of the capitalism.

In Brussels, about the time we reach Brussels, will be a summit about the asylum seekers, about the refugees. And it’s very comic that without the people, like us here, they decide, sit somewhere and speak and they don’t want to hear the voice of the people themselves. So we first want to be there and say “Hey, we are here, you can’t decide about the people without them.”

Until yesterday everything was fine, what happened then?

We visited the deportation jail, near the airport. There were so many people there and there is the same situation as in all the deportation jails. It is also one of our demands, to stop the deportation.

But for today: we were so peaceful and we just wanted to be there [at the EU internal affairs minister meeting in Kirchberg]. And it is so logically true that where you decide about the people and the people themselves are there, you can’t ignore them, at least you can let the people come in as a representative of seventeen thousand people who died in the Mediterrean Sea. Be there and express their anger and express their sadness.

But today we wanted to go to this summit and take part there but the police completely ignored any negotiation with us. After a while they start to react so violently, there are people who get bit by dogs, they start spraying pepper spray directly in the face of the people and afterwards they push us to stay in front of the building. All this while the complete ignorance of these politicians who were at that moment there.

During this brutality we start to speak about our demands and then, when we wanted to leave, again they start to attack the people, again pepper spray, again the dogs and arrestments of the people.

So we stay here until our friends get free. We can’t stand anymore this brutality.

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