Willa Tecson

Philippines: Pasig City celebrates International Day of Nonviolence.

In a remote city college tucked and hidden from the eyes of the city dwellers of Metro Manila, students of Pasig City celebrated International Day of Nonviolence at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig (Pasig City College) with a simple…

Philippines – The Community hails MILF-Gov’t agreement

The historic signing of the Framework Agreement between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Malacañang October 15, 2012, is cause for celebration not only for the people in southern Mindanao but for all…

Dog walk for a cause

To a nose flute player and friend, Dom-An Macagne, the mix of dog walks and social issues makes sense. Being an animal lover herself, she realized the organized and shared joys of dog walks together with social issues of peace, women’s rights, animal welfare, as well as environmental awareness, go hand in hand. Thus the “Dog walk for a cause” demonstration and show.

Seeds of Life

*This is a story of a small group of organic farmers and their supporters in Bugon, Sariaya, living at the foothills of Mount Banahaw in the province of Quezon, Philippines, which mediated and coordinated the Biggest Human Peace Sign of 12,000 people October 2009, during the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in the Philippines.*

Crossroads to Peace

*It could be said that by respecting human diversity we stand together, united in our understanding that the differences in our landscape of formation is what makes life dynamic and interesting. Wouldn’t it be boring to think alike, to want to eat the same foods, go to the same places, to express ideas in the same way?*

Peace and Nonviolence Signs in Preparation for the World March at St. Paul College Students, Philippines

High school students of St. Paul College of Pasig City form and document human peace and nonviolence signs as part of their preparation to the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. This is an anticipation of the “Million Human Signs for Peace” campaign which officially starts on September 21 (International Day of Peace) promoted by Genevieve Kupang.