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Mark Lesseraux on Face 2 Face

This week’s show starts with our friend singer and guitarist Gabriella Callender and continues with Mark Lesseraux discussing Silo and his Message.

New York Says Welcome to Syrian Refugees

  #NYCsaysWelcome In solidarity with refugees trying to reach Europe, we call upon the European Union member states to open their borders unconditionally for asylum seekers, to allow free movement for refugees within the European Union to reach the country…

UN Forum on The Culture of Peace to Include the Role of Media

Read the headlines on any given day, and it’s easy to assume that people are driven by conflict and greed. But are we getting the whole—or even the true—story? Michael Nagler, a noted peace scholar and award-winning author, will discuss…

Harpreet Toor on Face 2 Face

This week’s show starts with our friend, singer and guitarist Gabriella Callender, and continues with Harpreet Singh Toor to discuss the situation of the Sikh community in New York City.

Thomas Lowenhaupt on Face 2 Face

This week’s show starts with our friend, the singer and guitarist Gabriella Callender, and continues with Tom Lowenhaupt to discuss .nyc and Internet Top Level Domains in NYC and around the World. Read more about .nyc in New York

Karla Gongora on Face 2 Face

This week’s show starts with our friend, the singer and guitarist, Mark Lesseraux and continues with Karla Gongora to discuss the subject of transitional justice as part of the Colombian peace process.

2015 World Conference Against Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs

Declaration of the International Meeting It will soon be 70 years since atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. This year also marks the 70th year after the end of World War II. We the…

Mapping New York City’s Civic Commons

New York, August 20, 2015 – Churchill nailed it in 1947 when he said “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others which have been tried from time to time.” For decades thereafter traditional Western Democracy…

Haitian Diaspora Marched Against Expulsion of Dominico-Haitians

“This demonstration is meant to put the world on notice and ask for an immediate end to the racist and xenophobic policies being perpetrated against people of Haitian ancestry in the Dominican Republic.” said  Ray Laforest, director of organizing for…

NLG Provides Critical Support for Demonstrators in Ferguson, Condemns State of Emergency

More than 150 protesters arrested Monday, including at least nine National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Legal Observers FERGUSON, MO—Police violently cracked down on activists yesterday after imposing a State of Emergency in St. Louis County in an effort to stifle protest…

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