Testimony to the New York City Council Hearing on Resolution 0976 – 2019 and INT 1621 – 2019,
January 28, 2019.

My father is Yuri Gorbachev, a world-famous Russian artist, cousin of Mikhail Gorbachev, and good friends with Mikhail’s wife Raisa Gorbachev. In 1988, Raisa invited my father to show his artwork at the Soviet Cultural Foundation. She frequently exhibited passionate artists who were against war and nuclear weapons. Raisa also encouraged my father to take his family and migrate to New York City because she knew Russia would be going through difficult times. We migrated from Ukraine in 1991. In 1996, the United Nations commissioned my father to create original work into redesign the United Nations stamp. His Green Parrot on Red Flower painting is currently housed in their collection.

Mikhail Gorbachev has been very proactive in downsizing the volume and availability of nuclear weapons on the international level. He holds a strong position against further development, maintenance, and expansion of all nuclear arsenals. He is convinced that it is just a matter of time before nuclear weapons fall into the wrong hands and create a scenario of attack and instant retaliation. Sharing the same beliefs on this important matter, I too believe the world will greatly benefit from ceasing production and elimination of nuclear weapons.

The two prominent, leading nuclear countries are still Russia and the United States. Diplomatic tension continues to escalate between the two nations. While some of the reasons are due to irrational phobias and televised propaganda, they have recently become more similar socially, economically, and politically. I strongly believe trustworthy diplomatic relations are important and necessary to de-escalate the production and existence of nuclear war capabilities. There is much more to collectively benefit from having stronger relations versus being in opposition. Together, the two nations can stand and encourage the rest of the world to denuclearize.

I support the TPNW and a nuclear weapons divestment. New York is one of the greatest and most influential cities on Earth and it should stand firmly against any cooperation or ties to nuclear weapons manufacturing. Every one of us can play a small part in this brave contribution and set a positive example for future