Testimony to the New York City Council Hearing on Resolution 0976 – 2019 and INT 1621 – 2019,
January 28, 2019.

I am Sachem Maqua: Chief Perry of the Ramapough Lunape Nation, the Munsee people whose ancestral land this Great City now sits.

I come not to belabor you with more facts, of which you should already know but   to share in ancient truths for which most have ignored since 1624.

In the 14 hundreds, The Ojibwa began their migration west because, it was   foretold shinny people were coming and some would bring death:

It Has Happened!

In the 18 hundreds, the Western Nations prophesized: the coming of the black   snakes, which would bring joy to many and in the end death. It has happened

 “You Cannot Drink Oil”.

If one Oil train derails/Spills into the NY State watershed: as It nearly did in 2018,   Hundreds of Thousands of people in this city will Die. “You Cannot Drink Oil”. It is   a current Danger..!!                       It is a Danger Now..!!

In the Nineties, Sitting in the Himalia’s with Elders from over (200) two hundred   countries !t was foretold “That hollow people were coming and some would hold   the suns of death”                    It Has Happened…!!!

As the western world’s freedoms wilt under the knowing guise of misdirecting   syntax .The hollow people have risen..!! They now carry their Suns of Death, worn   openly as badges of bravado              It is Happening Now..!!!!

I implore Each and every one of you to arise, to stand for humanity and to support   the legislation to divest from nuclear profiteering and proliferation. I am asking   New York to join Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. to become a part of the ICAN cities campaign in support of the nuclear ban treaty.

For now is the time.                     “You Cannot Drink Death”