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Active non-violence tearing down walls

After six years of non-violent struggle against the Israeli separating wall by the people of Bil’in, the army has begun to dismantle a section of the West Bank Wall. In turn, the demonstrations continue to pressure for a new route which will not separate farmers from their land.

With high expectations, thousands of people are waiting for the closing ceremony of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

In a few hours the international team of the World March will finalize their journey, which started in New Zealand on October 2nd, and went all over the world asking for nuclear disarmement. Thousands of people, coming from the five continents are coming to the Park of Study and Reflection “Punta de Vacas”, located in the Andes, at the foot of Aconcagua.

20 thousand people welcomed the World March for Peace and Nonviolence into Moreno

On Sunday, part of the World March International Base Team, which travels the world demanding nuclear disarmament and the withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories, arrived at Moreno, a province of Buenos Aires, where they marched through the city ending up in Plaza Buján, where 20 thousand people were awaiting the parade while enjoying a music festival.

Eduardo Galeano: “We are marching as an act of faith in another possible world”

While Uruguay awaits the arrival of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence on 27th December, writer Eduardo Galeano reflected on the initiative’s proposals, the business of war and its consequences. The members who are steering the project in Uruguay will hold a welcoming festival on 29th December on calle 18 de Julio and at the University.

Club World Cup: Estudiantes de la Plata named Ambassador for Peace

At the last press conference before departing for Abu Dhabi, capital of the Arab Emirates, to the Football Club World Cup, the Argentine team Estudiantes de La Plata was declared Ambassador for the World March for Peace and Non-Violence, an initiative that travels around the world demanding nuclear disarmament and the signing of non-aggression treaties among countries.

Conclusion of 2nd International Conference to Abolish Foreign Military Bases

The conference was held from Monday November 30th to Wednesday December 2nd in the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación (Cultural Center of Cooperation) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The speakers, hailing from the spheres of academia, politics, and culture, gave talks on various aspects of the issue of foreign military bases in Latin America.

Journalist and peace campaigner disappears in Iran

Mazdak Ali Nazari, a journalist and editor of the website Khabar Negaran-Solh (‘Peace Reporters’), was arrested a few days ago at his private home in Iran. His whereabouts and the reasons for his arrest are currently unknown. Before he was detained, Nazari had planned to take part in the World March for Peace and Nonviolence on its way through his country.

A Multimedia Experience in Mendoza

Senator Miriam Gallardo, together with the organization World Without Wars in Mendoza, promoted a multimedia experience for the nonviolent cause. It will take place between November 2 and January 1 and will reflect, in works from youth and children’s groups, representations of the kind of world in which they would like to live.

Social Organizations from Panama reject the installation of North American Military bases

Rural and indigenous movements, along with teacher, student and worker organizations declared their rejection of the agreement, which could be signed on 30th October, between the Governments of Panama and the United States to reinstall military bases. The project falls under Plan Colombia, now the Mérida Initiative, designed by the North American Government.

Argentinian Artists demonstrate in favour of non-violence

On 2 October Maximiliano Guerra, Juan Leirado, Jorge Marrale, Silvia Pérez, Miguel Cantilo, Raúl Porchetto, among other well-known Argentinian artists, celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi and declared international day of non-violence by the UN in Buenos Aires. This was the context in which these influential celebrities spoke to Pressenza.

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