Gabriela Amaya

Editor in Spanish, Gabriel Amaya has worked in radio and written press and years ago decided to develop her journalistic work as a professional volunteer at the service of peace and nonviolence. She is also involved with different collectives and platforms which she supports with her journalism.

‘The squares are waiting for us… to inprove our lives’

We interviewed Yordos, a young Greek who came in these days to Madrid to participate in the 15O, and to strengthen ties with the Spanish indignant. He sayd to us: “…We don’t have to wait for others to decide for our lives and how those should be. The squares are waiting for us and I am sure that we people, through debate and dialogue, can find the ways to improve our lives.”

Do not imagine that you are alone in the infinite worlds

The discovery of a new planet and the denied appointment by the UN of someone responsible for relations with ‘aliens’ leads us to reflect on the moment in which humanity finds itself as a whole. What will mankind do at this historical crossroads? Will we continue in our prehistory or will we launch ourselves like a shooting star towards other worlds?

Bolivia, the non-violent revolution

In this article, the author analyses some of the factors that establish the “Bolivian Process”, led by President Evo Morales, as a peaceful, non-violent humanist process. A new revolutionary constitution that extends rights to more Bolivian citizens at home and abroad and Morales’ response to conflictive situation corroborate this assessment.

Evo uses the same speech with businessmen as with his popular base

In a meeting at the Forum Nueva Economía that President Evo Morales held this morning with Spanish businessmen, they listened to the same speech that thousands of people were able to hear the day before in Leganés. During the breakfast meeting, Morales welcomed foreign investments as long as they met Bolivian regulations.

Mass meeting with Evo in Madrid

President Evo Morales visits Madrid in the next few days. Using this state visit, the Evo Welcoming Committee has organised a meeting with the President and thousands of Bolivians, Latin American immigrants and Spaniards, who will show their support for the Andean leader. This event takes place on Sunday 13, at 5pm, at the Cubierta de Leganés.

The flame of the WM has been lit in Hiroshima’s Peace Park

The event took place before the flame that has burned since 1945 in memory of those who died, and that will not be extinguished until all nuclear weapons are eliminated. AT the event, representatives of the World March committed to carry the flame of Hiroshima through every country the WM will travel through, demanding the abolition of nuclear weapons.

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