Francesca Borri

Francesca Borri, 1980, una laurea a Firenze in Politica Europea, poi una seconda in Filosofia del Diritto, di mezzo un master in Human Rights and Conflict Management al Sant'Anna di Pisa, è autrice di Non aprire mai, la Meridiana 2008, e Qualcuno con cui parlare. Israeliani e palestinesi, Manifestolibri 2010. Scrive per Il Fatto Quotidiano, in Italia, e al momento vive tra Libano e Turchia, alla frontiera con la Siria. Lavora insieme al fotografo statunitense Stanley Greene.


Against US airstrike on Syria

Francesca Borri in Aleppo (photo by Alessio Romenzi) We started to cover Syria, it was February 2012, because we believed a red line had been crossed: demonstrations against Assad were being swept away by bullets and mortar fire. But confrontation between the regime and the newborn Free Army, just… »


Syrian dust

Syrian dust

It sounds like a jet approaching, and everybody, it’s a matter of instants, stares at each other, your words stifled in your mouth; but it’s only a gate that slides and shuts. A hatchet chopping fi-rewood is a burst from a kalashnikov, the step of a woman’s heel a sniper… »


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