Carter Myers-Brown

Carter Myers-Brown

Carter is currently pursuing a B.A in History and International Relations from Hamilton College in New York. He is particularly focused on international policy of climate change and globalization, and hopes to work in foreign policy in the future. Alongside his degree, Carter has worked at the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO), an NGO attempting to eradicate WMDs from the Middle East, and in U.S Congressional campaigns.

Bioprospecting and Sustainable Development

On June 30th, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) published a report, titled ‘The New Gold Rush: Bioprospecting,” which elucidates the benefits of bioprospecting for sustainable economic development for underdeveloped countries. Bioprospecting is the exploration of biodiversity for animal and…

‘Nonviolent’ Deaths in War

Despite the waning coverage of the war in Ukraine by the mainstream media, the fighting nonetheless persists. The U.S continues to send billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine, sanctions on Russia persist as the world suffers inflation and a…