With 89% of the vote counted, the Socialist Party of Catalonia won the Catalan regional elections on Sunday with 41 deputies, five more than the pro-independence Junts.

The ruling ERC – also pro-independence – collapsed, winning 13 seats fewer than in the previous elections in 2021.

The conservative People’s Party, which came last in 2021, is now the fourth largest party with 15 seats, four more than the far-right Vox, which retains its 11 seats.

The far-right pro-independence formation Aliança Catalana enters the regional parliament with two seats, while the left-wing platform Comuns Sumar wins six seats.

The left-wing separatist party CUP won four, and the liberal Ciudadanos was excluded from the Catalan parliament.

In the previous elections, those of 2021, PSC and ERC tied with 33 deputies, Junts got 32, Vox a total of 11, CUP won nine seats, Comuns Sumar eight, Ciudadanos six and PP was the last party with representation with three.

Catalans will elect 135 regional deputies today, with an absolute majority of 68 seats.