It seems Europe and the European Union are sliding into total madness. I do not mean the populations, but our non-elected masters in Brussels and our so-called politicians, inside and outside the governments. Something very dark and ugly is happening and it reminds me of 2 other dark periods in Europe’s history which both triggered a world war, WWI and WWII.

By Peter Noordendorp

As we all know WWI put an end to the existing European monarchy empires of Austria, Germany, and Russia. The latter was because of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Although both world wars exploded from German/Austrian territory, the whole of Europe had its hands in it. In the period between the 2 wars, fascism flourished all over Europe, not only in Nazi Germany.

The point I want to make is that 2 world wars originated in Germany/Austria right in the middle of Europe. And that in both the British Empire played a significant role which facilitated the final conflagration. If you think for example that Hitler and his party managed all alone to get in power and to bring Germany out of its deep economic misery and then built the most modern army of that time, you are very mistaken. A lot of interested parties were involved, the US and Britain at the top of the list, with their banks and industries investing the the German industry which they all want their hands on.
If Hitler was a monster (and for sure he was), the whole of Europe and the US gave him his power, knowing perfectly well what his national socialism meant. They closed their eyes because their main interest was to get their hands on every industry in Germany. Bussines as always.

This business led us to the Second World War with all its tremendous horrors. This said, we come to Russia.

Russia never in its whole history attacked the Middle and West European countries. On the contrary middle and Western European countries attacked many times Russia. They never won and Russia established its western borders in a way to minimize further new attacks. So there was never a threat from Russia in European history, but always been a threat from Middle and Western European countries towards Russia. The 2 biggest threats to Russia were Napoleon France, who even got to Moscu, and Hitler Germany, who got quite far into Russian lands. In both cases, they lost terribly. Napoleon was chased back to Paris, but the Russian tsar of that time did not stay in Paris. He went back to Russia after the job was done. But after Hitler’s adventure into Russia (costing many millions of Russian lives) the then Soviet Union decided that enough was enough and that this time Russia would ensure not ever be attacked directly again. So they created, after having defeated Germany, the so-called Warsaw Pact. A buffer of a big part of Germany and several eastern European countries under the direct control of Moscu. This pact stayed in place until the last president of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, brought down the Iron Curtain and with it the Warsaw Pact, giving back to Germany its eastern territory and independence to all the other countries of the Warsaw Pact. But he did that under one condition. The promise of the West never to expand NATO to the east and Russia’s borders.

From then on we know the story well. NATO expanded, and the US wanted a very weak Russia, incorporated into the Neoliberal free market so that the West could ransack the country and get their hands on all the rich resources of Russia. Again Big business and western control were the interest.

To make it short, all their plans failed, because Putin came to power and his goal was to bring Russia back as a strong and independent country. At the same time warning NATO not to expand any further than it had already done. But the West, with the US as its master, was not satisfied. They kept to their plans and created a coup in Kiev, Ukraine, to install a government that would do the bidding of the EU and US, selling all industry and resources to Western bidders. They helped knowingly Neonazi elements to power and the Russian-speaking population of the East and South of Ukraine rebelled, not excepting the coup. The Neonazi government in Kiev sent its army against its citizens for 8 long years. In the end, to make it short, Russia felt obliged to protect its Russian brothers and sisters in those Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine and invaded (by the way the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine were historically an integrated part of Russia. It was Lenin who gave those regions to the Ukraine Soviet Republic for reasons we do not know. And later Nikita Khrushchev donated the Krim).

Now we come to the start of my article. From that precise moment on the West went berserk and started a series of actions to defeat Russia economically, militarily, and morally isolating it from the rest of the world. It did not work, Russia came out, after 2 years, stronger than ever, economically, militarily, and morally. And instead of being isolated its relations with many not European countries expanded and got stronger. And Europe? It is defeated again on all points. But our insane politicians cannot give up. This reminds me of Hitler in his last days, when everything was already lost and he said in his madness that if he was going down, all of Germany must go down with him.

It seems the EU is doing the same. Not in Hitler’s words, but fundamentally the same. Namely, to sacrifice all of Europe and its population on the altar of a proxy war against Russia until that enemy is defeated. For sure none of our politicians have studied European history very well. If they had they would know that defeating Russia is impossible. It never happened before and it will not happen now.
They cannot let go of their pathetic arrogance and they do not even see how their so-called ally and master, the US, is consciously steering Europe to its economic dissolution, making it into a military playground with militarized industry, so that one day finally the US can break Russia.
Western madness is ruling as a repetition of the past.

We can only hope that something new and nonviolent will flourish to correct this destructive course.