In the coming weeks, the NATO countries are conducting the largest military exercise in the heart of Europe since the end of the Cold War, deploying more and more troops to the border with Russia and relocating air defense missiles there.

With the cessation of U.S. military aid to Ukraine, the Federal Republic of Germany has become the largest supplier of weapons and financier of the war in Ukraine, and the EU has just decided to invest at least another 5 billion euros this year in subsidizing the Ukrainian war.

President Macron is contemplating the dispatch of ground troops to Ukraine, and British military personnel are already operational there. The British “The Telegraph” reported at the end of January that the USA is once again stationing nuclear weapons in southern England. Meanwhile, we hear that Russia repeatedly threatens to use nuclear weapons.

The army of the Russian Federation is advancing in Ukraine, and President Putin currently seems to feel no significant pressure to re-enter negotiations for a ceasefire and an end to the war.

Everything seems to be heading towards a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. – We have never been closer to a Third World War than we are today!

The Pope has recognized that Ukraine will not win the war against Russia on its own. If he is right, there are only two possibilities – either there will be open confrontation between NATO countries and Russia (and certainly also involving China and other states) on the other side, or we will achieve a resolution of the war through negotiations. – We do not want to allow Europe to become a battlefield again, a scene of a war that will likely lead to the destruction of European civilization.

It is clear that such a war will not remain confined to Europe. The horrors of the Gaza war, military conflicts in the Horn of Africa, and escalating tensions between the People’s Republic of China and the United States show that the world is increasingly resembling a powder keg that only needs a spark to explode.

In this context, the Munich Peace Alliance, along with many other peace initiatives throughout Germany, once again calls on people to take to the streets and squares this year and call out to the rulers of all countries in the world that we want peace. – Humanity needs it, because only in peace can it address the major problems facing us as a species.