Imagine living a few years before the First or Second World War, knowing the grave consequences it would have had for humanity.
What measures should we have taken to avoid a tragedy of such proportions?

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a very similar situation today, and the indicators of a possible new global conflict are sadly evident. In recent months we have witnessed a rapid deterioration in diplomatic relations between countries and an unprecedented escalation in international tensions.
War is already affecting our daily lives and we are gradually getting used to taking for granted a situation that should be unacceptable.

While European citizens are demanding the right to health, education, work, and a planet worth living on, their leaders are increasingly engaging in crazy militaristic proclamations. Some countries do not even hesitate to openly promote the possibility of going to war against Russia. In recent days, we have heard with dismay the President of the European Commission speak of strengthening the war economy by concentrating most resources on arms production, to the detriment of the real needs of the population.

It is clear that, unless something extraordinary happens, the outbreak of armed conflict in Europe is no longer just a possibility, but increasingly a certainty, as European governments seem increasingly to be doing the bidding of a very powerful international military-industrial complex, rather than responding to the needs and will of the people who elected them.

This trend profoundly undermines the foundations of the democratic system.

The only way out lies in the unity and convergence of all men and women in Europe who want peace. We are not just talking about organizations and parties, but also about individuals. We are talking about the awakening of the real Europe, the Europe of the people, not the Europe of heartless bankers and bureaucrats, far removed from real human needs.

The forthcoming European elections in June should be the main stage for a determined emphasis on the issue of peace. On this occasion, European citizens will have the opportunity to express their clear rejection of war by voting for those parties whose programmes are clearly in favour of diplomatic intervention for a ceasefire.

No electoral programme can be implemented without the essential condition of maintaining a state of non-belligerence in our countries. If Europe were to be plunged into war, none of the longed-for reforms and electoral promises would be able to see the light of day.

We will urge all election lists to make clear their position on these crucial issues, such as disarmament, the cessation of arms supplies to Ukraine, and diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts, not only in Europe and Palestine but globally. This will allow voters to make a responsible choice about who to vote for, to avert the nightmare of a third world war.

Instead of concentrating on the election result, we should encourage a broad debate on the issue of peace, a subject that many parties carefully avoid for fear of losing support. This election should be a clear referendum on the question of war and peace.

In this sense, we invite everyone to actively support the openly pacifist and nonviolent formations that are trying to participate in these elections.

Let us give peace a chance. Today the future of us all is at stake.