BCU Signs MOU to Co-Host International Conference with WCC Aeronautical & Technological College

By Genevieve Balance Kupang


In a collaborative spirit that transcends traditional boundaries, Baguio Central University (BCU), led by its Graduate School, College of Nursing and School of Midwifery, and the College of Business Administration, joins forces with WCC Aeronautical & Technological College (WCC-ATC) to co-host the International Conference on Research and Exhibits on Aviation and Aeronautics, Tourism, Engineering and Education (RISE: ICREATE 2024). The conference will be held on May 28-29, 2024, at WCC-ATC, Binalonan, Pangasinan.

Dr. Leonilo Capulso, CEO, Beyond Books Publication, Dr. Roger A. Martinez Jr., WCC-ATC VPAA, and Dr. Jeanica C. Joson, Research Director of the University of Luzon, sign the Memorandum of Agreement.

BCU’s participation brings valuable expertise in the field complementary to WCC-ATC’s core strengths. This cross-disciplinary approach fosters a richer exchange of ideas and a broader perspective on the conference’s diverse themes. WCC North Manila and the University of Luzon join as co-hosts, further solidifying the collaborative spirit. Beyond Books Publication lends its experience in academic publishing, rounding out the strong partnership.

Taking Flight Together: WCC-ATC VPAA Dr. Roger Martinez presents Dr. Margarita Cecilda Rillera, BCU’s president, with a miniature helicopter, symbolizing the taking flight of the BCU-WCC-ATC partnership. Joined by Dr. Michael Sebullen, Ma’am Amalia Ancheta, Dr. Elma Donaal, Sir Oscar Rillera, and Sir Karl Rillera. Photo credit: WCC-ATC.

This collaboration was solidified through a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony on March 21, 2024, between WCC-ATC, BCU, the University of Luzon, and Beyond Books Publication. The MOU signifies a shared vision among the institutions to promote academic excellence and foster innovation, research, and educational advancement.

Charting a Course Together: WCC-ATC, Baguio Central University, WCC-ATC North Luzon, the University of Luzon, and Beyond Books Publication. Photo credit: WCC-ATC.

BCU partners were greeted with warm hospitality by WCC-ATC administrators and the conference secretariat. L- R: Sir Hilario Sanglay, CNSM Research Coordinator, Dr. Elma Donaal, BCU VPAA, Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang, GS Dean, Ma’am Amalia Ancheta, VPF, Dr. Michael Sebullen, GS Research Coordinator, Dr. Margarita Cecilda B. Rillera, Pres., Dr. Roger A. Martinez, WCC-ATC VPAA, Sir Karl Rillera, BCU Marketing Officer, Sir Oscar Rillera, BCU’s Secretary & Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Dannah Valerie J. Dulnuan, MPA, ICREATE Secretariat, and Dr. Rosalie Sheryll T. Rosales, WCC-ATC Director for Research Planning and Development.

Before this event, WCC-ATC representative Ms. Dannah Valerie J. Dulnuan, ICREATE Secretariat reached out to BCU’s Graduate School through Dr. Janice Alejandrino, dean of CBA and GS Faculty. The Graduate School, a hub in fostering interdisciplinary research, takes the lead in co-hosting this event alongside BCU’s CBA and CNSM. The conference aims to bring together scholars, researchers, and industry professionals to share their expertise and explore advancements in aviation, aeronautics, business, education, engineering,  health care, and tourism.

Campus Tour Like No Other: A Glimpse into WCC-ATC’s Cutting-Edge Facilities

BCU partners enjoy the campus tour led by their WCC-ATC Marketing Officers.

After the MOU signing ceremony, representatives from BCU, UL, BBP, and WCC North Luzon were treated to a special tour at WCC-ATC’s impressive facilities. The tour showcased the college’s commitment to providing students with a world-class aviation and technology education. Highlights included a thrilling helicopter ride, a visit to the state-of-the-art simulation room, and an exploration of the various specialized labs and classrooms within the aeronautical school.

Not Your Average Campus Tour: Captured mid-flight, Sir Hilario Sanglay and Dr. Michael Sebullen beam with joy during their unforgettable helicopter campus tour.

A young, passionate Flying Instructor demonstrates the Simulator Center’s capabilities to the BCU partners.

BCU partners capture the thrill of the expansive helicopter ride in a memorable pose.

Soaring above Binalonan, Pangasinan with WCC-ATC’s amazing pilots provided a breathtaking perspective of the campus. We truly appreciate their expertise.

WCC-ATC Marketing Team Guiding Us Through Their Amazing Simulation Room.

BCU Appreciates The Exceptional Hospitality and Practices of the WCC-ATC Team

Upon arrival at WCC-ATC, the hosts exuded an air of genuine warmth and hospitality, a generosity that extended far beyond a simple welcome, as all the BCU team members readily discussed during our debriefing, sharing their positive takeaways. Their approachable demeanor and know-how were immediately apparent.  They possessed an impressive depth of knowledge about each department’s functions, ensuring a truly informative and unforgettable tour.

The WCC-ATC team went above and beyond at every turn. The marketing team’s meticulous coordination ensured a smooth visit, while the pilots offered a thrilling helicopter ride. Lessons at the Simulator Center provided a unique perspective of the campus. We were particularly impressed by the expertise of the VPAA’s office, the dedication of the Character Formation Department, and the insightful contributions of the Research for Research Planning and Development team. Even the food and refreshment committee deserves a special mention for their delicious and thoughtful hospitality.

Their service throughout our visit was exceptional, making us feel valued partners. This unforgettable experience, thanks to the amazing WCC-ATC team, made our trip from Baguio all the more worthwhile. We can’t wait to shout from the rooftops about the incredible time we had!

Call for Abstracts

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their abstracts for consideration. Details and the submission form can be found by scanning the QR code provided or visiting the following link: https://forms.gle/NTr612Z8PY5rUZUi7 or you may contact Ms. Dannah Valerie Dulnuan at this number 09687752527.

The BCU Team Extends Heartfelt Appreciation

 The BCU Team extends its heartfelt appreciation to the WCC-ATC team for their exceptional hospitality and support during the momentous MOU signing. We are particularly grateful to President/CEO Raymond Patrick V. Guico, VPAA Dr. Roger A. Martinez Jr., Dr. Rosalie Sheryll T. Rosales, Director for Research Planning and Development, Ms. Dannah Valerie J. Dulnuan, MPA, ICREATE Secretariat, and all WCC-ATC Administrators, Flying Instructors, and staff who assisted in making the partnership visit a success.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to BCU’s leadership for their unwavering support of this initiative, particularly Dr. Margarita Cecilda B. Rillera, President, Dr. Elma Donaal, VPAA, Ma’am Amalia Ancheta, VPF, Dr. Michael Sebullen, GS Research Coordinator, Sir Hilario Sanglay, CNSM Research Coordinator, Sir Karl Rillera, Marketing Officer, and Sir Oscar Rillera, Secretary & Treasurer of the Board of Trustees.  A special thanks to Sir Oscar for facilitating our safe and comfortable travel to and from WCC-ATC.

All photographs in this article (except photos courtesy of WCC-ATC) were captured by Dr. Michael Sebullen. Stay tuned for further updates using the conference hashtags: #RISE2024 #ICREATE2024 #ElevatingHorizonsThroughResearchExcellence.

About the Author:

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang serves as the Dean of the Graduate School at Baguio Central University. She is a Leadership Team Member for the Exceptional Woman of Peace Award at Pathways to Peace, a UN Peace Messenger Organization. She is an incorporator of the Asian Social Institute and a lay member of the Episcopal Commission on Interreligious Dialogue of CBCP.