The convivialist international, signatory of the second Convivialist Manifesto, has begun to formally establish itself as an association based in Hamburg – see its website:

Partner of other convivialist organisations, French conviviality, German conviviality and the international movement of the Global South, Global Tapestry Alternative (

To accompany the World Social Forum in Nepal this year, the convivialist international is organising a panel discussion on 17 February from 11 am to 12.30 pm Paris time.

The aim is to raise awareness of the fundamental nature of convivialism, a philosophical approach to the world that is resolutely relational; an approach that is opposed to the dominant vision, which continues to target infinite growth, leading to the subordination of individuals, peoples and nature to a capitalist logic of exploitation. And the effort to energise a convivialist movement, as an international intellectual and social movement fighting for a just, peaceful, and sustainable coexistence of humans with each other, with other species, and with nature.


  • Coordination: Marc Humbert (France) and Frédéric Vandenberghe (Brazil)
  • Frank Adloff (Germany): The convivialist international. From France to Europe and beyond
  • Alain Caillé (France): The Third Convivialist Manifesto: A Planetary Process
  • Catarina Neves (Portugal) : A concrete proposal: The generalisation of a universal basic income

Comments :

  • Thais Aguiar (Brazil)
  • Madhulika Banerjee (India)
  • Raewyn Connell (Australia)

Open discussion and debate

Convivialist Manifesto & Demonstration

World Social Forum, Nepal, 17 February 2024, 11 am – 12:30 pm Paris time

Live on You Tube:


The Convivialist International is a collective of intellectuals with an open question: How can we live together with our differences without killing each other? We are interested in ecological, economic and political problems and, based on the expertise and commitment of the members of our collective, we set out general principles (Common Humanity, Common Naturality, Control of Hubris) and propose concrete political measures (maximum income, eradication of tax havens, planetary parliament of citizens, etc.). We have published the First Convivialist Manifesto. A declaration of interdependence in 2013. It was written and signed by 64 French-speaking intellectuals. In 2019, we published the Second Convivialist Manifesto. To wards a post-neoliberal world. It was signed by nearly 300 intellectuals from all over the world. Now it’s time for a third manifesto to tackle today’s most pressing issues and develop a plan for systemic change at all levels of society. In this session, we will explore ways to deprovincialise and universalise the manifesto by opening it up to intellectuals and activists from the South and East.