by Michael Tomas Sebullen and Genevieve B. Kupang

Catalyzing Global Excellence Towards Research Writing and Publication 

Left to Right: Dr. Lourdes M. Trajano and Dr. Josephine M. Aguirre, Graduate School faculty members and in charge of registration. Dr. Elma D. Donaal, Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivers the opening remarks, and Dr. Marilou De La Pena, Director of the Research and Development Office, introduces the speaker. Photo Credit: Michael Sebullen and Michael Rodriguez.

Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes, Education Supervisor II of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)- Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), shares his experiences in using AI-powered tools in his studies and debunks common barriers to publication. Photo credit: Michael Rodriguez.

In a landmark event organized by the Graduate School and the Research and Development Office, unfolding at the Baguio Central University Function Hall on January 27, 2024, Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes, an eminent figure in academia and research, delivered a captivating lecture titled ‘Catalyzing Global Excellence Towards Research Writing and Publication.’ The seminar, an immersive full-day experience, brought together 306 graduate school students hailing from diverse doctorate and master’s degree programs. Dr. Catanes, with his brilliance and dynamic discourse, not only aimed to inspire but also endeavored to lead the next generation of scholars toward unparalleled excellence in their research and publication endeavors.

The speaker alongside the 306 participants from various degree programs, spanning master’s to doctorate levels. Photo credit: Michael Rodriguez.

The symposium proved to be a transformative experience, setting an empowering tone for attendees and sparking a collective desire to redefine the landscape of research and scholarly contributions. At the core of Dr. Catanes’ lecture was the pivotal theme of the paramount importance of research publication for professional development and knowledge advancement. He emphasized the significance of originality and meaningful contribution in scholarly work, challenging students to push the boundaries of existing knowledge through their research pursuits.

Throughout the discourse, Dr. Catanes debunked common barriers to publication, dismantling the fear of judgment, time constraints, and the pursuit of perfection. He passionately urged the audience to surmount these obstacles, emphasizing that published work is not only essential for personal and professional growth but also crucial for the collective advancement of knowledge. The lecture delved beyond theoretical aspects, addressing the ethical dimensions of publication. Dr. Catanes stressed the importance of maintaining trustworthy and credible standards throughout the entire process. Practical insights were offered into effective literature review, reference management, and the utilization of online databases and search engines, equipping students with essential skills for their scholarly pursuits.

Q&A Session: Sir Peter John Esden, the emcee of the event, another Graduate School student, and Dr. Lopez raising questions to the speaker.

A highlight of the seminar was the unveiling of a comprehensive framework for research publication, encapsulating the researcher’s journey. Dr. Catanes intricately explored aspects such as aspiration, nourishment, gratitude, love, and empathy, fostering a holistic approach that transcends the mere mechanics of academic writing. This approach aimed to instill a profound sense of purpose and dedication in the students, propelling them towards making a positive impact on the world through their research and publication efforts.

The concluding remarks resonated with a strong emphasis on the evolving future of research publication. Dr. Catanes urged researchers to analyze existing studies, identify commonalities and differences, forge connections, and highlight their contributions. He stressed the importance of agency, a national perspective, global implications, and often overlooked aspects in research publication, providing a comprehensive roadmap for the students’ scholarly endeavors.

Hence, Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes’ lecture was a transformative experience for the graduate school students present. His comprehensive guidance on research writing and publication, coupled with practical insights and ethical considerations, has undoubtedly positioned these future scholars to catalyze global excellence in their academic and research pursuits. Dr. Catanes’ holistic approach, encapsulated in the researcher’s journey, has not only provided a roadmap for scholarly endeavors but has also instilled a profound sense of purpose and dedication in the students, guiding them toward making a lasting impact on the world through their research and publication efforts.

Moment of Graciousness. The resource speaker (Center), Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes receives his certificate of appreciation and token of gratitude from Dr. Perfecto M. Lopez, Vice President for Administration, and Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang, the dean of the BCU’s Graduate School. Photo credit: Michael Rodriguez.

Concluding Remarks by the Dean of the Graduate School

Genevieve Balance Kupang, Ph.D., shows a book she recently co-authored with three other cultural mappers from Grupo Kalinangan Inc. The book, titled ‘Cultural Profile of the Municipality of Milagros,’ is the culmination of a cultural mapping project initiated and commissioned by the local government unit of the Municipality of Milagros, Masbate Province. Photo credit: Michael Rodriguez.

In her concluding remarks, Dr. Genevieve Kupang, the Dean of the Graduate School of BCU, emphasized the significance of research in the academic landscape, likening it to an intricate thread in the tapestry of knowledge. She expressed gratitude to Dr. Michael Sebullen, the Graduate School Research Coordinator and lead organizer of the event, as well as to the committees involved. Additionally, she thanked Sir Peter John Esden, the master of ceremonies for the day, for his contributions. Dr. Kupang also expressed appreciation to the distinguished speaker, Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes, Education Supervisor II of CHED CAR, for sharing his insights with the participants. She highlighted Dr. Catanes’ elucidation of the A. N. G. L. E. Approach to Research, noting its impact on enhancing scholarly endeavors.

Transitioning from her remarks, Dr. Kupang offered a poetic reflection:

In the realm of knowledge, we gather today,
Our theme, “Catalyzing Global Excellence”, lights the way.
With discernment as our guide, brilliance our pride,
In the world of research, let innovation abide.

To write and publish, a journey profound,
In the digital realm, where ideas abound.
Our speaker, a guide, lights the scholarly way,
Navigating the bytes of discovery, a bright array.

So, thank you, dear BCU GS scholars, for this quest,
A symphony of learning, in a digital crest.
In the dance of ideas, let our tools take flight,
Catalyzing global excellence, our purpose alight.

The speaker with the VPAA and GS Faculty. L to R: Dr. Michael Y. De Roxas, Dr. Claudine B. Valdez, Dr. Elma D. Donaal, Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes, Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang, Dr. Josephine M. Aguirre, Dr. Maria Lourdes G. Eguia, Dr. Lourdes M. Trajano, Dr. Wayawaya D. Tactay, Dean Jocelyn B. Ang, and Dr. Michael T. Sebullen.

The emcee, the speaker, and the organizers encapsulate the day marked by success and gratitude. From Right to Left: Sir Peter John Esden, Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang, Dr. Michael T. Sebullen, Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes, Dr. Michael Y. De Roxas, and Dr. Lourdes A. Bela-o.

About the Authors:

 Dr. Michael Sebullen is a dedicated research coordinator and faculty member at Baguio Central University’s Graduate School. Known for his work ethic and professional integrity, Dr. Sebullen extends his impact beyond the classroom, as evident in his noteworthy publications in international journals. Fueled by a deep passion for research, he ignites enthusiasm and zeal in his students, motivating them to transform learning into impactful results, as evidenced by the publications they have produced online.

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang serves as the Dean of the Graduate School at Baguio Central University, Philippines. Additionally, she is a Leadership Team Member for the Exceptional Woman of Peace Award at Pathways to Peace, a UN Peace Messenger Organization. Dr. Kupang not only Chairs the Special Interest Groups but also serves concurrently as the Peace Education Coordinator of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction. Furthermore, she is an incorporator of the Asian Social Institute and a lay member of the Episcopal Commission on Interreligious Dialogue of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.