Leonard Peltier, a native american, member of the American Indian movement, accused in 1975 of having killed two FBI agents, was condemned to two life sentences without any proof. Since then, even the judges themselves have asked for him to be freed.

On the 5th of January, Leonard Peltier marked 17,500 days in prison, amounting to almost 48 years. In 9 months he will turn 80. We can only hope that president Joe Biden signs a federal pardon, releasing Peltier.

Hatred, extreme stubborn, racist, barbaric– are all adjectives not sufficient enough to describe the nature of the settler colonial history of the United States in regards to the native population. At the end of this month we will commemorate the tragedy.

“Indigenous people, colonizers, and the military,” these three subjects especially in the 1800’s would engage in conflict, until the indigenous people were almost fully wiped out.

These same subjects are present in Gaza today. Many similarities can be drawn from both situations.

“The only good Indian is a dead one,” was a common American saying. What about the palestinians? Better kill them as kids because otherwise they grow up to become terrorists.

Furthermore, Andreotti would famously say: “If i were born there (Gaza) I would be a terrorist…” Andreotti in 2006, was not Mario Capanna, nor a revolutionary.

With Leonard Peltier the circle closes. Closed, continuing to be locked in his cell. It is simply even tiring to imagine how much willpower, a spiritual power he must have resisted all these years, months, days, hours. He teaches us to resist, hold fast, and to not renounce our beliefs; hold fast to justice and liberty

One person appreciated the way that Americans did away with the natives: as if they had simply conquered their destined lands, Lebensraum: that person was named Adolf Hitler. History repeats itself now, but with different parties.

Two things to conclude:

  • If you go to Milan Malpensa airport you will come to find out that there are two control entrances: one for all the destinations. And another reserved for only two: The United States and Israel
  • Lastly, if I lived till 150, and in 80 years it was the palestinians who had become the oppressors of another people, I would fight like a lion to defend the oppressed, always and without a doubt.

Note: to check the exact figure above, see the official website: https://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/

Translated from Italian by Leo Challand.